Apple Watch Ultra will almost certainly have *this* cool display upgrade

Apple Watch Ultra
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Apple Watch might be introducing microLED displays, according to a rumor from DigiTimes, confirming Ross Young's report from back in January. Apple reportedly intends to implement this technology with a new Apple Watch Ultra some time in 2024 or 2025.

This doesn't mean Apple Watch Ultra will be the only product to feature a microLED screen, but it will be the first, as the high cost of production makes it unlikely that it will be available in larger products at this stage. Apple reportedly plans to introduce microLED into iPhone, iPad and MacBook products in the future, but there's no certainty on what that might happen.

Apple Watch Ultra with microLED: What we know

Jeff Pu reported something similar a couple of months ago, suggesting that this new display will come alongside an Apple Watch Ultra upsize, meaning we might see a larger screen to accommodate it. We're unsure if this means the Apple Watch Ultra will get more expensive in 2024 or 2025, but we wouldn't be surprised considering how costly the technology currently is.

While microLED will likely be the more expensive alternative when compared to Apple's current OLED displays, it has great potential thanks to its power efficiency. It shouldn't be a shock to say that having a watch with more longevity is a positive. We're excited to see just how much longer it can survive when compared to other models that launch at a similar time.

Apple's main supplier will be OSRAM, a company based in Germany that develops specialized "lighting solutions." The initial DigiTimes report claims that Epistar, a Taiwanese company known for its LED production, could also be producing the technology for Apple.

We don't know for sure if a 2023 version of the Apple Watch Ultra is launching, but if it does, it will likely not feature the new display. We're certainly looking forward to this new version of the Ultra, regardless of how costly it might be.

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