Apple mixed-reality headset leak hints at goggle's design — and it's funky

Apple mixed-reality headset internals
(Image credit: Canva/Getty Images/Daniel Lozano Gonzalez/MrWhite128 via MacRumors)

Leaked images of the highly anticipated Apple mixed-reality headset's internals have reportedly hit the internet — and we're intrigued. The divulgence comes from Twitter user MrWhite128. They have a protected account, but the photos were reposted by MacRumors.

The outlet claims that MrWhite128 is a reliable source because the popular bean spiller has accurately shared prototype images of iDevices in the past. The tipster leaked four images, but one in particular caught our eye. Could it be showing the actual contour of the headset?

Are these leaked hardware images of the Apple AR/VR headset?

As we recently reported, Apple's long-awaited mixed-reality headset is rumored to debut in three months — yes, that means this June. Apple CEO Tim Cook allegedly put his foot down regarding the engineering team's constant delays and setbacks, demanding that the AR/VR headset launch sooner than later.

Shortly after we got our speculative launch month for Apple's AR/VR headset, Twitter user MrWhite128 leaked images of what appears to be the upcoming head-mounted display's internals.

Three of the leaked images show off ribbon cables that seemingly outline the users' eyes. They will likely be used to connect display hardware to a board. The fourth photo showcases a trio of sensors (or cameras) placed on a flexible ribbon. As The Verge pointed out, the rumor mill speculates that the headset will have a color-passthrough feature. Could these sensors facilitate this capability?

What's passthrough? To give you an example, the Meta Quest 2 has a passthrough perk, enabling users to see the real world around them while they're still wearing the headset. The problem is, however, that passthrough on the Quest 2 is blurry and grayscale, making it unfeasible for AR experiences. The $999 Quest Pro, on the other hand, does have high-res, color passthrough capabilities, and according to leaked camera specs from The Information, the Apple mixed-reality headset should be more than capable of doing the same (if not better).

The Information also mentioned that the upcoming AR/VR headset will come with ultra-high-resolution 8K displays and advanced eye-tracking technology. Describing its design, the outlet said that it looked like a "sleek, curved visor attached to the face by a mesh material and swappable headbands."

Apple mixed-reality headset

Apple mixed-reality headset (Image credit: The Information)

Keep your grain of salt ready, though. As 9to5Mac pointed out, it's difficult to discern whether these leaked images are the latest prototype of the headset reportedly called "Reality Pro."  One skeptical Twitter user suspects that one of the images is a HomePod microphone array.

The Apple Reality Pro headset is expected to be revealed at Apple's WWDC 2023, which should take place in early or mid June.

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