Apple lets Prepear keep its logo — but on one condition

Apple finally lets Prepear keep its logo on one condition
(Image credit: Apple/Prepear)

Back in August 2020, we wrote about Apple going after a company's pear logo because it thinks it'll confuse consumers. Now an agreement has finally been reached between Apple and Prepear.

For those who don't know, Prepear is a spin-off app of Super Healthy Kids, another site for planning kids' meals. The founders took to Instagram to garner some attention to the legal issue with Apple and gathered nearly 270,000 signatures on asking Apple to "Save the Pear."

Apple vs. Prepear: What happened


(Image credit: Prepear)

Apple agreed to settle with Super Healthy Kids, the website that helps parents plan out kid's meals, on the Prepear logo if the leaf at the top of the pear was changed.

Apple has consented to the settlement, according to the documents filed at the USPTO. “Prepear is pleased to announce that it has amicably resolved its trademark issue with Apple,” company co-founder Russ Monson told The Verge.


(Image credit: Prepear)

If you head over to Prepear's website, you'll find that the website already features its new logo on the top-left corner. 

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