Exclusive: iDrive Backup adds affordable Google cloud backup — $20 for 10TB!

iDrive Backup for Google
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iDrive is one of the most popular backup services in the world, we've previously highlighted iDrive Photos as a solid alternative to expensive Google Photos storage, but now iDrive is announcing a new storage option for the rest of your Google files.

iDrive Google Backup for Personal Accounts gives you a secure automated backup and recovery system for all of your files in Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. It would also take some serious digital hoarding to blow through the storage limit as you get 10TB of storage for just $20 a year. That can be added to an existing iDrive plan or purchased as a standalone option.

Why would you need iDrive Google Backup?

As with any data backup, the goal here is to ensure the security of your valuable data and when you can do it this affordably, it becomes much less of a headache trying to decide if it's worth it. 

For $20 a year, you are getting automated backups (3x per day), direct backup and recovery without relying on your Google account, the ability to search and recover a specific piece of data (image, video, email, contact, calendar entry) or an entire folder, and the ability to restore deleted or corrupted files.

iDrive Backup monitoring screen

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It's essentially affordable piece of mind that none of the data in your Google account will be lost to either a data corruption issue, ransomware, or any other threat. While 3-2-1 backup (3 copies, 2 different types of media, and one off-site copy) was certainly a better option than storing everything on your laptops hard drive, in today's landscape if you have irreplaceable files you can and should do better.

iDrive Google Backup for Personal Accounts offers a low-effort and affordable solution that will backup your files in the background and keep them safe and secure until you need them.

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