How to quickly farm 20,000 Runes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Farming Runes
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Regardless of how approachable FromSoftware has made Elden Ring when compared to the rest of the Soulsborne games, it's still plenty challenging. If you find yourself stuck on a boss, desperate for an expensive item, or just looking to powerlevel in hopes of avoiding the massive challenges that lie ahead, look no further than this farming spot.

Keep in mind, this is a late-game area, so this article isn't for you if you've only just started Elden Ring.

Where to farm 20,000 Runes

1. This farming spot can be found in Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausolem within the underground half of the game's world. Teleport to the "Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint" Grace.

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2. Head up the stairs and continue walking forward until you see seven blood-red enemies looking towards a statue. Notice the presence of another enemy standing above the steps in front of them. Get the attention of these seven enemies without angering the bigger foe. I use the skill Hoarfrost Stomp to accomplish this, as it easily encompasses a wave in front of my character and ensures no enemies can get close before dying. Any and all area-of-effect abilities will be useful in this farming technique.

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3. Once the seven blood-red enemies have been taken care of, you can approach the big enemy atop the platform. Since their back is turned towards you, it shouldn't be hard to get a free backstab in. However, I simply use a powerful Ash of War that I received from a late-game boss fight. Any attacks that deal a ton of damage at once will be useful here, as you can get the first hit off without getting their attention.

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4. Violà! You're now 20,000 Runes richer. Open up your map and teleport back to the "Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint" Grace to begin your farm again. Alternatively, you could just run back, but it's faster to teleport there.

How to get to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausolem

If you don't have the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausolem unlocked yet, it's not too difficult to get to. However, this still requires the game's final region, Mountaintops of the Giants, to be accessible.

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1. Teleport to the "Inner Consecrated Snowfield" Grace. This is located beyond the Hidden Path to the Haligtree Grace, which can only be accessed from the Grand Lift of Rold when presenting the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

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2. Head directly west until you reach the corner of the region. The exact spot is marked on the map above.

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3. Sitting on the edge of the cliff should be a familiar transporting device stained with blood. Once you travel there, you'll have a whole area to explore before getting to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, but you might as well do it anyway.

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