How to conference call on an iPhone

How to conference call on iPhone
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Despite the current popularity of video conferencing apps and FaceTime for talking to friends and family members, a phone call is sometimes the best option. Fortunately, making a conference call on iPhone is remarkably easy.

Whether you are making the first call or are trying to bring someone into an existing call, you can follow these simple steps and you'll have your conference call running smoothly in seconds. 

How to start a conference call from an iPhone

If you are putting together the conference call and making all of the calls yourself, you first need to make your initial call as normal. Once it connects, you'll follow the steps below.

  • Tap add call.
  • Select the individual from your Contacts.
    • If they aren't a contact tap Keypad to dial the number.
  • Tap Merge calls.
  • Repeat these steps as needed to bring in all callers.

How to conference call on iPhone

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How to add an incoming caller to a conference call on an iPhone

It's easy to bring someone into an existing call or conference call. However, Apple made the language on these options somewhat confusing, so here's how to add an incoming caller to a conference call on iPhone.

  • Tap Hold & Accept.
  • Tap Merge calls.

That's it! You will now be back on with both callers.

If you do want to add video conferencing then you should either consider FaceTime or one of the many video chat apps that are available on iOS. While FaceTime is currently still Apple only, soon it will be available for Windows and Android as well via a web interface.

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