How to add your vaccine card to Samsung Pay

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Samsung Pay is typically useful for easily making purchases without a credit card, but thanks to a new partnership with CommonHealth the app now features "Vaccine Pass" to digitally store your COVID-19 vaccine card.

Vaccine Pass saves you from having to carry around your vaccine card or laminate it to keep it safe. Follow these simple steps to add your COVID-19 vaccine card to Samsung Pay right now.

How to add your vaccine card to Samsung Pay

The biggest hurdle is whether your state, pharmacy, or healthcare provider supports SMART Health Card, which is how Vaccine Pass is verified. Check the CommonTrust Network registry page for a full listing. Some of the most popular pharmacies supported include Rite Aid, CVS Health and Walmart. If your healthcare provider uses MyChart then you are also eligible to use Vaccine Pass.

Once you have confirmed that your vaccine provider supports SMART Health Card, you need to obtain your digital Health Card either through your state registry, the pharmacy where you got your vaccine or through your healthcare provider's online portal. Each of these sources will offer a QR code that will link you to your vaccine card.

You're through the difficult part. Now, here are the final steps to add your vaccine card to Samsung Pay.

  • Download the CommonHealth app from Google Play
  • Open the app and select SMART Health Cards
  • Tap on Add new SMART Health Card
  • Choose Scan a QR Code or Add a .smart-health-card file depending on what your provider offered
  • Tap on Yes, Add This Card to verify
  • Click on the Samsung Pay button to add the record to Samsung Pay
  • Tap OK

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You're done. You can now access your vaccination card in just a few seconds with Samsung Pay.

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