How to add music to Instagram Notes

How to add music to Instagram Notes
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Everyone seems to be wondering, "How do I add music to Instagram Notes?" After all, thanks to the latest update to Instagram, you can add songs to Instagram Notes. Woot! (If you're not caught up on Instagram features, Instagram Notes lets you share short posts with a specific people who can then reply to them as messages.)

You can attach audio clips and music tracks to text or emojis that last up to 30 seconds and are available for 24 hours. Check out the easy, step-by-step guide below to find out how to add music to Instagram Notes.

How to add music to Instagram Notes

How to add music to Instagram Notes

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1. Open Instagram — duh.

2. Go to your Messages.

3. Toward the top left, where your profile picture is, there's a [+] symbol. Click that.

4. Now you're in the Notes section, and just below your profile picture there's a music note — click it.

5. Select the audio clip or music track to attach.

6. Now add a text or emoji and then share.

It's as simple as that to add music to your Instagram Notes. These are like status updates, and now people can jam out to whatever vibe you're putting out there. 

If you're interested in some Twitter replacements, we covered a report back in May 2023 about Instagram’s new text-based Twitter-like that was leaked.

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