'The Vision Pro virtual keyboard is a complete write-off... There is no magical in-air typing': Gurman highlights disappointing feature of Apple's AR/VR headset

Gurman on Apple Vision Pro: " There is no magical in-air typing"
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Blomberg's top Apple analyst Mark Gurman has expressed his dismay in regards to the soon to be unleashed $3,500 Apple Vision Pro in a flurry of social medial posts  surrounding the device's faulty "magical air typing". In fact, according to Gurman, and others, there is no working or functional air typing experience to speak of — despite a previous developer video reportedly showing the feature in action

According to the posts, Gurman and others complained about the experience during a recent demo of the Apple Vison Pro's input options. From awful air typing, eye tracking typing, and even Siri failing to impress, the experience took so long that the headset started to weigh on them. 

By this account, it seems that Apple's upcoming AR/VR headset could be suffering from several design flaws. This is bad news for Cupertino, as the Vision Pro is supposed to be its show-stopping, industry-leading device of 2024 and the device that opens up the post-iPhone era. 

Apple Vision Pro What should you expect. 

Gurman shared that editor-in-chief of Engadget Dana Wollman also had a subpar experience with the Apple Vision Pro, claiming that after her own demo experience "it's harder to image using the Vision Pro for actual work."

When the Vision Pro was first announced, Apple pushed the idea of it being a device meant for work as well as play. It showcased a virtual office environment where the headset majestically multi-tasked and helped to improve productivity in an immersive AR environment. Tim Cook discussed working with developers and creating this virtual office experience, and it looks likely that this will not be case from the start.

Dana described the experience to be akin to a "personal home theater," which, for a device currently being marketed as an unprecedented, never-before-seen feat of technology, is pretty damning. Honestly, do you want to spend $3,500 of your hard-earned money on a virtual home theater system that could be replicated on devices a fraction of that price?

The answer is likely "No." Personally, I don't think consumers should save Apple from its blunders this time around. Especially not while more affordable options like the Meta Quest 3 exist or even the wearable darling of CES the XREAL AR Glasses


You can pre-order the Apple Vision Pro starting this Friday, January 19th, at 8 AM, or you can wait for Apple to perfect the technology. Let's face it, though: the Vision Pro is going to sell out the minute it becomes available, with people willing to sell off limbs or their first born to secure one.

I suggest people sit back, save their money, and wait for Apple to perfect the tech and lower the price.

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