LG may join the crowded XR headset market in 2025: Here's what we know

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LG apparently has plans to take its popular OLED TV display technology and put it inside an XR headset, which would make the virtual reality experience even more vivid and immersive. The company also plans to launch a new XR headset sometime next year, but it's unclear whether it'll feature this rumored OLED display tech. 

This report of LG's foray into the crowded XR headset market comes from South Korean news outlet The Guru (via TechRadar). LG Electronics CEO Cho Joo-wan told a reporter from The Guru that "[LG] will launch an XR device as early as next year."

When Upload VR covered this potential LG XR headset announcement, they pointed out that it can be difficult to differentiate between singular and plural in the Korean language. Because of this, it's possible that LG could have plans to release more than one XR device in 2025. LG might also be teaming up with Meta for another XR headset. Here's what we know so far about LG's possible XR headsets.

How many XR headsets is LG working on?

LG could possibly be involved in three different XR headsets. The most-talked-about LG headset is rumored to have a Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip from Qualcomm, which would likely put it at the $2,000 pricepoint. This XR headset would be the one to rival Apple's Vision Pro in terms of display and overall power.

Apple Vision Pro

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If LG does plan to release two XR headsets in 2025, the company would likely release a more affordable headset to compete with the Meta Quest 3. This rumored headset would probably be equipped with a less powerful chip, and certainly wouldn't have an OLED display like the Meta XR headset LG is supposedly collaborating on.

Back in September, we reported on the possibility of Meta and LG working together on Meta Quest Pro's successor. LG might be creating OLED displays for this next Meta Quest Pro headset, which would position it as a better competitor for Apple's Vision Pro, which will use micro-OLED display technology.

While we don't have many details about this collaboration between LG and Meta, if LG is indeed working on OLED displays for one of Meta's headsets, it seems likely that we'll see OLED tech inside an LG XR headset in 2025. Samsung and LG create beautiful OLED displays, so an XR headset with OLED displays from LG is an exciting gadget to think about.

There are quite a few XR/VR headsets to look forward to soon, including Apple's Vision Pro (which should be available Feb. 2), Samsung's possible XR/VR headset, and plenty of companies who plan on using Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip in its headsets.