How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS5

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS%
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Wondering how to connect a Bluetooth headset to a PS5? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. For all the PlayStation 5’s improvements and accomplishments, optimal Bluetooth support isn’t one of them.

That’s not to say you can’t use a pair of Bluetooth headphones with your PS5, it’s just to say in doing so, you may miss out on the ideal performance that Sony had in mind when it comes to the PlayStation 5.

This guide will explain how to connect your Bluetooth headset to a PS5, but also give some insight on why it’s not so straightforward in the first place. Because, while it might be slightly inconvenient, and potentially a little annoying, Sony’s decision not to natively support Bluetooth connections isn’t entirely without reason.

Why can’t I connect Bluetooth headphones to my PS5? 

To ensure you receive the best possible PlayStation experience, and with your immersion fully intact along the way, native Bluetooth connectivity is solely restricted to connecting the PS5’s DualSense controllers. This reserves the available bandwidth and eliminates any possibility of input lag or performance issues likely to occur due to device interference.

Bluetooth Audio connections are prolific bandwidth gobblers, especially when it comes to high bitrate and multichannel streaming. Having a Bluetooth headset and the DualSense controller on the same connection could cause them to butt heads over bandwidth and cause anything from audio delays to misregistered inputs. That’s why Sony prefers for PlayStation owners to use headphones with a 2.4GHz wireless adapter, or make use of the DualSense’s 3.5mm audio jack with wired headphones.

If you’ve yet to buy yourself a headset, or are now contemplating an upgrade, then there are a number of options out there to choose from. Take a glance at our best gaming headsets page and you’ll notice that Sony’s Pulse 3D PS5 wireless headset is more than a safe bet thanks to its detailed and immersive 3D spatial audio, affordability, and impressive comfort. 

Sony PS5 and DualSense Controller

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Can I still use my Bluetooth headphones with the PS5?

With all that said, if you’re dead set on using a pair of Bluetooth headphones with your PS5, then there is a fairly simple way of doing so: purchase a third-party Bluetooth adapter.

Considering the price of buying a new pair of headphones, a cheaper and simpler option is to use a Bluetooth adapter. However, this will have its drawbacks. Connecting your headset in this way can’t guarantee the same level of compatibility or performance that a wired or 2.4GHz wireless headset is capable of.

You’ll also need to pay close attention to the type of Bluetooth adapter/dongle that you buy because while many look similar, their performance can vary wildly. Some reliable brands to keep an eye out for in your search include Creative and Avantree, with the latter’s DG80 Bluetooth transmitter being an ideal candidate thanks to its aptX low latency connection and hassle-free setup. You can grab the Avantree DG80 for just $29.99 at Amazon

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS5

Once you have a compatible Bluetooth adapter to hand, you’ll be able to start the task of pairing it with your headset. The following instructions should help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Connect your Bluetooth adapter/dongle to one of the USB Type-A ports found on the front or back of the PS5 and turn your console on.

Step 2: Place the Bluetooth adapter/dongle into pairing mode by holding the pairing button for around seven seconds, or until you see a blue flashing light. 

Step 3: Turn your Bluetooth headphone on and place it in pairing mode by following the same steps.

Step 4: Both devices should quickly identify each other and pair. If this doesn’t happen right away, try bringing the two closer together. Once a connection has been made, the light will stop blinking and remain blue.

Step 5: On your PS5, accept the confirmation of the connection.

After this, your Bluetooth headset should be paired and ready to go. 

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