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Windows 10X delayed again — prepare for the new OS later this year

Windows 10X
(Image credit: Windows Central/YouTube)

Windows 10X has been a hotly-anticipated new OS from Microsoft ever since it was first revealed for dual-screen and foldable devices back in 2019. Now plans have completely shifted, and while it was rumoured to come out this Spring, a new Windows Central report claims we won't see the OS until later this year.

Microsoft is expected to ship its first batch of PCs with Windows 10X in late Spring, meaning we won't get our hands on Windows 10X until the second half of 2021. Moreover, it's expected to first launch on budget laptops for educational purposes, so consumer devices may have to wait until 2022. 

When to expect Windows 10X

Courtesy of Windows Central, sources claim Microsoft had wanted to ship its first single-screen PCs with the lightweight version of Windows 10 in the first half of 2021 but decided to push back the launch to make sure the new OS was ready.

Windows 10X was initially meant to launch in Fall 2020 for dual-screen PCs but was later delayed to a limited Spring 2021 launch with a focus on single-screen PCs for business and education. Rumours suggested a wider release for consumers in the Spring of 2022.

As pointed out in the report, this delay may be due to Microsoft wanting to add Win32 app support. However, sources say there won't be any local Win32 app support when Windows 10X initially releases, and will instead push support for its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

We've already had a first look at how Windows 10X works, and it was even tested on a Surface Pro 7 to show off its touchscreen capabilities and adaptive UI. While we may not see Windows 10X until later this year, Microsoft's major Windows 10 update, known as Sun Valley, is expected to adopt certain features from the new UI, including its Start Menu and Action Center.

In the meantime, we're stuck with good 'ol Windows 10, and fortunately, Microsoft continues to fix its various problems, with a recent update that finally sorts out its embarrassing printer issue.