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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro’s update enhance sound quality

Samsung Galaxy Pro Buds
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro received a recent update that enhances the overall sound quality and hearing enhancements feature. Left/Right sound balance adjustment has been added too, along with improved Bixby voice wake-up response.

Samsung also mentions improved system stability and reliability come with the tiny 2.2MB update.  Considering how small of an update it is, it won't kill you to download via your cellular connection. Although Samsung recommends you use Wi-Fi to download the update. 

The Galaxy Buds Pro are already shipping in select markets. However Samsung is already rolling out updates within just a few days of release, signaling the company's commitment to creating the best user experience possible. This is most likely the first of several minor tweaks we'll see in upcoming updates as more people get their hands on them. 

As music lovers get their new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and feedback trickles into Samsung, there are sure to be improvements implemented via updates.And if Samsung puts new updates out as quickly as this one, there should be many happy customers lined up to purchase some Galaxy Buds Pro. As we all know, customer service is king.