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Razer's Pikachu earbuds charge in a Pokéball — and we need them now

(Image credit: Zing Gadget)

Pokémon fans catching all the collectibles can toss out their AirPods Pro because Razer is selling wireless earbuds that charge in a Pokéball. 

Razer is best known for its gaming products, which range from laptops to keyboards and even smartphones. Wireless earbuds is a new category for Razer but the company is making quite a grand entrance. 

The yellow buds are shaped like AirPods but flaunt a Pikachu logo on the ends. The real star is the Pokéball, which serves as the charging case for the earbuds. 

The red-and-white sphere looks exactly as you'd expect if you grew up on the trading cards or watched the TV shows and movies. In the center of the ball is a glowing button you press to open the chamber where your Pokémon, or in this case, Pikachu earbuds, sleep. 

The buds get only about 3 hours on a charge but the case offers up to five recharges. While not necessarily an indicator of sound quality, the 13mm drivers in these buds should pump out strong bass. 

Unfortunately, you can only catch em all if you're in China where the Pokémon earbuds will launch for $120 on April 16. Hey, at least folks in the US you can drink Razer's weird energy drink thing... I guess?