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MLB The Show 2021 is breaking all the rules with cross platform play

MLB The Show 2021
(Image credit: MLB)

MLB The Show is set to launch April 20th, 2021 with show-stopping young MLB star Frernando Tatis, Jr. as the face and cover man of this year's iteration of the popular baseball game. 

Like its cover man, MLB The Show 2021 will be game-changing as this is the first time the title will be playable across platforms.  Tatis is known for playing the game with a very unique sense of flair for the big moment and in this vein, the development team at San Diego Studio has chosen to break the rules and change the game to the benefit of gamers. 

In the past MLB The Show was an exclusive title for PlayStation consoles, but now for the first time, it will be available for Xbox One and the recently released Xbox Series X and S.  If that isn't exciting enough, there's more. 

San Diego Studios will now allow for Cross Platform Play and Cross Progression to MLB: The Show 21. This means you can play with your friends who have different systems and play them no matter where they are. It removes the whole different game systems barrier and allows family and friends to compete across platforms to see who is the best.

This really isn't a new capability in the gaming world as a whole. However, it is a very exciting first for sports games that we hope leads many others to follow suit. Wouldn't it be nice to play the world's game (football, soccer, let's not argue)  FIFA 21 against players from all over the world using different gaming systems? You can't currently play against someone with a PS4 right now so that stinks. 

MLB The Show 21 will be available April 20th, 2021, it's not up to other sports game creators to catch up and make this feature the norm.