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Chromebooks and Android phones can now sync Wi-Fi passwords: Here's how

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Google is making it easier to connect to new Wi-Fi networks by letting Chrome OS and Android users sync their Wi-Fi passwords. Once input, all devices are connected.

This feature was originally seen on Chrome OS Canary in August 2020, which enabled the option to "sync Wi-Fi network configurations between Chrome OS devices and a connected Android phone." While it was only available on the developers' OS, it's now being made available through the Chrome OS Phone Hub.

The thing is, only a few people are getting to try out the feature for now (via Android Police), but the very handy sync feature will eventually roll out to everyone via subsequent updates. As for the Phone Hub, it's a new feature that connects Chromebooks to Android smartphones, bringing everything from message syncing to security features like Smart Lock — and now syncing Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi syncing feature is also done through Bluetooth, meaning no Wi-Fi or data needs to be consumed when setting it up. And users can use the feature either way: from Chromebook to Android and vice versa. That means only having to input a Wi-Fi password one time (as we all know how long and annoyingly complicated they can get these days).

How to sync Wi-Fi passwords 

Once the update arrives, all you have to do to sync data is connect your Chromebook and your phone through the Phone Hub, which can be done by visiting system settings on your Android device and looking up Chromebook.

From here, there will be an option to turn on Wi-Fi sync. Turn it on and you'll be able to connect to Wi-Fi for all devices with just your Android. This can also be done through a Chromebook.

On your Chromebook, select Settings, and under "Connected devices" you'll find Android phone'. Then select "Set Up." From here, you'll need to enter your password and follow the steps. Once done, you’ll get confirmation on your phone. On your Chromebook, you can then select which features you want to turn on.