6 Reasons To Buy the Dell XPS 15 and 2 Reasons to Skip

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In our full review, we called the Dell XPS 15 the “best 15-inch laptop money can buy.” It has the same InfinityEdge bezel as its 13-inch sibling, a beautiful display and powerful graphics. It’s also a good value. A comparably equipped 15-inch MacBook Pro with AMD graphics costs $650 more.

Then again, the XPS 15 has a couple of quirks that may make some think twice. So is it right for you? Here’s a look at the XPS 15’s pros and cons.

Credit: Shaun Lucas/Laptop Mag

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  • Patrick Says:

    Nice article except 2 questionable statements...
    1. The speakers will make you proud? They're awful or at least sub par!
    2. Read reviews of the killer wireless cards...xps users are replacing them with intel cards...the killer cards have issues.

  • Clemens Frick Says:

    You forgot to mention, that the TB3 port officially supports 4lane PCIE, but in fact it is only connected via 2 lanes. Thats the reason I will skip this one.

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