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Wormhole Switch Give Windows and Mac Notebooks Interoperability

LAS VEGAS-- If you swing both ways when it comes to desktop OSes, you know the problem well-- you want to transfer something from your PC to your Mac or vice versa. You could use Wi-Fi or a flash drive to move the files and then switch computers, but that takes time. j5create has come up with a solution to this with their Wormhole JUC 400 USB cable. This $39.99 cable allows you to drag files between one computer and another and to control both notebooks while only using the keyboard and touchpad on one of the computers-- without having to install any software. Simply plug and go.

j5create demonstrated opening up the Windows Start menu and moving a video file from a PC over to a MacBook Pro. The effect was like moving a window between a dual-monitor set up. There was almost no lag, save for a small pop-up on the Mac side. While the Wormhole is certainly handy for moving a quick file, it's also a nifty way to quickly increase your overall storage without committing to an external drive. The Wormhole Switch also works between PC and iPad when used with the USB attachment for the iPad. According to j5create, the USB 2.0 cable transfers at a rate of 480 Mbps-- roughly 15 songs per second. 

There's also Wormhole Station V.2, a docking station that provides the same functionality but with USB 3.0 transfer speeds. The dock includes ethernet, audio, two additional USB 3.0 ports, and a card reader. It's currently available for $129.99.