Introducing the World's First Modular Headphones

Sure, you've seen headphones with customizable headbands or earcup shields. But what about headphones with speakers personalized to your listening tastes? The new Myth Lab Pro Headphones let people choose their own headband and speakers, creating a look and audio that's truly personal.

The Myth Labs website features two speakers, Genesis and Eclipse with six headband colors. The Genesis speakers are lightweight and work best with lower-quality mp3s, YouTube videos or analog devices. The Eclipse are more versatile, focusing on playing up the intricate parts of a track that are usually buried by lower-quality headphones.

But how do customers pick the best headphone speaker for them? The process begins with Myth Labs' free iOS app, the iMyth Labs Sonic Signature. The app scans your music library, checking for your music's compression bit-rate. The app also asks a few lifestyle questions including birth year and music preference. From there it creates an audio profile and determines which Myth Lab speaker the user should purchase. The app is currently iOS-exclusive, but the large "coming soon to Android icon" indicates that Droid lovers will be able to get in on the fun as well.

Consumers interested in giving Myth Labs a listen can purchase the modular headphones on Amazon and Myth Labs. The Genesis are available for $179.99 while the higher quality Eclipse are priced at $259.99.

Sherri L. Smith
Editor in Chief

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