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Windows Phone 8 Update Enables FM Radios, More

Microsoft may be working on the next version of Windows Phone behind the scenes, but that isn't stopping the company from improving Windows Phone 8. According to the Verge Microsoft is preparing a Windows Phone 8 update that provides support for FM radio, a feature it had supported in previous versions, on devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820. At the same time, Nokia is contributing several custom features for its phones, including a gesture that will allow you to wake these handsets by double-tapping their screens.

Reportedly Nokia will also add a flip to silence option and color profile choices to the update, which will be called General Distribution Release (GDR2). An exact release date for this update isn't known, but if the rumors are true it should become available via an over-the-air update sometime in the next few months.

via The Verge