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Windows 9 Leak Shows Start Menu's Triumphant Return

We already knew that the Windows Start menu is making its long-awaited comeback, and this week, we're getting a closer look at the future of the Windows UI in action. Based on what looks to be an early build of Windows 9, a new set of leaked images show both the revamped Start menu as well as some old-school window functionality for new-school users. 

Originally posted by Myce, the screens show off a build of Windows Threshold, Microsoft's Windows 8 follow-up that's designed to win over those sticking with Windows 7. The first image shows off the new Start menu we've seen before, fusing a Windows 7-style app list with colorful Live Tiles like Mail, Calendar and Weather, which originally debuted on the touch-friendly Windows 8 Start screen. 

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The second image shows the familiar Windows 8 app store, though it's running in a resizable window in Desktop mode instead of as a full-screen Metro-style app. This could be a major draw for Windows 7 users looking to finally make the switch, as the ability to run all modern apps in small windows means you shouldn't have to leave Desktop mode at all, if you don't want to. 

Windows Threshold is slated to arrive in spring 2015, though ZDNet reports that a public preview could surface this fall. We're not sure if these leaked images reflect the actual build, but we're looking forward to getting our hands on the resurrected Start menu as well as the various UI tweaks Microsoft looks to be working on.