8.1 Problems Windows 8.1 Doesn't Fix

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With new and appealing features like booting directly to the desktop, a refined app store and multi window mode for Modern apps, Windows 8.1 feels like a huge improvement over its predecessor. However, there's a reason why Microsoft isn't calling its upcoming operating system Windows 9 or even Windows 8.5. The changes Microsoft made are more evolutionary than revolutionary, with a lot of Windows 8's usability problems still unaddressed.

Here are 8.1 problems of Windows 8 that the new operating system doesn’t solve.

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Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director
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  • IFSEGON Says:

    I Have just gived the setup of windows8.5 and now it is repuesting a Update when I tried to open my computer and now it is written on my computer that the update undo,What should I do now?

  • Kevin Says:

    In Win8.1, when I start a program my CPU jumps to 100% usage for a short time and the same thing happens when I close an application. This is negatively affecting the performance of my background applications. Using the same applications on Windows 7, I don't experience the 100% CPU issue. I definitely have multitasking issues under Win8.1 that I don't have with Windows 7.

  • Greg Says:

    The shutdown button is that round glowing button above your laptop keyboard.

  • the Contentious Otter Says:

    I moved to Linux Mint a few years ago and I'll never consider going back to either Microsoft or Apple. Before I'll even consider going back to Microsoft they have to create an operating system that's so good that I won't mind paying the premium to give up Mint.

    As of right now they have a hell of a long way to go.

  • Bill Says:

    I installed 8.1, and no longer had the classic shell start button that I'd installed in win 8. The new win 8.1 start button is interesting, but not as useful as the classic shell start button. When I pressed the microsoft key, the classic shell start button popped up. Then I updated it, and now classic shell replaced the new win 8.1 start button. I would prefer to have had both start buttons, but if I can only have one, Classic Shells' Start Button is 25 times better than the new win 8.1 start button. So I'm keeping it. Good Luck with it you guys.... Classic Shell is free, just google it....

  • Jane Hapow Says:

    You mean instead and not intsead

  • John Malivoire Says:

    I installed 8.1 and found:

    It still boots to the Win 8 apps screen [charming!] and requires switching back to desktop.

    Avast Antivirus is now not supported along with a few others that are popular

    Microsoft interim advice is to rely on Windows Defender [hmm] until the AV people find a fix

    I am pleased that I have not got it installed on my main computer

  • Ian Says:

    First two complaints are pointless. So clicking on the Start takes you out of the desktop, it's still the same number of clicks to click start and then a tile for a desktop app compared to Start and then an app on the Start Menu. Yes you can still see the desktop but cannot use it while the Start menu is open and you cannot fit anywhere near as much on the menu.

    POP, might be popular but doesn't mean it isn't antiquated or any good in comparison. With IMAP no matter what client on you use on any machine it'll still have the same emails and you don't need to back it up or risk loosing emails if the OS goes down as people still don't back up. With POP you can end up with different emails in different clients. Anything that forces providers and users to move away from POP is a good thing.

  • Bob Says:

    You mean in the bottom left corner.

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