8.1 Worst Windows 8.1 Annoyances And How to Fix Them

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If you were upset about all the productivity-sucking, user-unfriendly features of Windows 8, take heart. Microsoft has heard your cries and responded ... sort of. With Windows 8.1, the Redmond software giant has made it easier to boot to the desktop, allowed you to view multiple windows in Modern UI and even brought back the Start button.

Yet, somehow, the company left some of its previous operating system’s biggest bugaboos intact while introducing a whole new set of frustrations. These are the 8.1 biggest Windows 8.1 annoyances and how to fix them.

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Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director
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  • Dennis Says:

    i bought the cd its great it does about everthing i ned andis more versitial video sound drivers were all there i run a duel core with 2 gigs of ram more than enough i realy am impressed its fast and does more i would say to everyone keep using it you will learn to love it and DOS is finally gone Windows 8 has nothing to do with DOS about time

  • Leilani Says:

    May I say that Win8.1 is the worst. Spent all day till I figured out my printer drivers disappeared. Why did I forgo Win 7? I don't foresee many carefree days with Win 8.1 Thanks for your site and information

  • avail Says:

    Shutdown can be done in three clicks actuall.
    ->Click start,
    ->Click to the power button shown
    ->Click shutdown

    or seriously click POWER-Hardware button. Just one step.

    PS Actually Microsoft is going to rip off the windows 8 and 8.1. That's why they have named windows 10, just to forget the nightmare given by windows and btw 8.1 was windows 9.

  • Thomas Says:

    As a Linux guy, I hate Windows in general, but I have a 8.1 machine out of need not want. People thought Vista was bad, 8.1 makes Vista look like a dream OS. Microsoft-any DRM company at that-still has a monopoly on the computer industry. The only new system you can get has this abysmal OS, and others are no longer supported, so security patches and the like are not distributed. My point is this, I am greatful that Microsoft continues to be as arrogant as they are. All that does is make the Linux world more powerful...and accepted.

  • sumith Says:

    Hi there,

    I read your article how to start and what to do with a new lap top.

    1stof all you should give details how to get internet connection to the new laptop, as most laptops do not come with internet ready.

    (my laptop new has windows 7 installed only) I dont know how to get about with internet connection via dongle.

    Please add this as 1st in your advice to laptop new users ...

    Thanks anyway your article was very useful.


  • netson wilkins Says:

    Once MS left XP they started the downhill trek to uselessness, and are moving at a faster pace with 8.1. The core of 81 is NT ( good system ) taken from DEC VAX. Having hot a high point with XP the are now in degrade mode.

  • Jan Says:

    worst annoyances ??? you only mentioned one !!!

  • wut Says:

    In windows 8 and windows 8.1 just right click in the lower left and you can shut it down from there

    2 clicks.

  • Barbara Quick Says:


  • mike Says:

    I absolutely HATE HATE HATE windows EIGHT! I wanted a laptop, not a mobile device. Productivity wise it just keeps being annoying. I loaded Start8 which helped a lot but Win8.1 came along and added to the mess. I treasure my Win XP computer and tolerate my Win7 workstation, but I swear by all the gods in India that I'll never buy another PC again. Time to go fruit

  • MittensMom Says:

    Why they had to take a product which was orking and popular and totally screw it up is beyond me. I would tell any and all to NEVER go near anything with the useless windows 8. Period.

  • Aggie Says:

    #1 too much of a learning curve.
    #2 one operating system that works across multiple platforms.
    How absurd. If I wanted a tablet or cell phone I wouldn't have bought a computer.
    Microsoft and other companies only understand one thing, money. If they don't sell their product and loose money they will change it. We will not be held hostage by Microsoft. We will stick with windows 7 as long as we can then migrate away from windows if we must.

  • Arthur Says:

    You lied, it only takes 3 clicks. Stop trolling windows 8 and tell the truth

  • Dado Says:

    that's why I am sticking with Windows 7.

  • Deen Says:

    "Unfortunately, the reborn button just isn’t the same as before, as it simply takes you back to the tiled Windows Start Screen rather than the Start menu...". Have you tried pressing it a little longer?

  • Andrew Says:

    Or you can always downgrade to Windows 7. Best solution for me.

  • ianwilliam Says:

    Well I found Classic Shell's search algorithm to be exactly like the original Start Menu. Start8's search is a bit hit or miss, especially the Control Panel settings keywords which it misses out on. Lately Classic Shell has leaped ahead of competition with regular updates.

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