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Windows 8 Special Offers Expire Today, Goodbye $39 Upgrade

Starting tomorrow, Microsoft’s Windows 8 upgrade is going to get a lot pricier. If you’ve purchased a PC recently and haven’t upgraded yet or are just plain curious about the revamped Windows software, today is the last day to snag the OS for $39.

Long before Windows 8 officially launched, the Redmond, Wash.-based company announced that users would be able to buy a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $39.99 from the OS launch in October through January 31st. Between June 2 and January 31, Windows fans in the market for a new PC also had the option to purchase a Windows 7 computer and grab Windows 8 for only $14.99.Beginning on Feb. 1, the price tag for Windows 8 Pro will jump to $199, while the standard version of Windows 8 will run you $119.

Additionally, the Media Center Pack could tack an extra $9.99 to your upgrade, if you choose to purchase it. This software is compatible with Windows 8 Pro and allows you to watch and record live TV with Windows Media Center. Windows 8 users wishing to upgrade to the Pro version can pay $99 for the upgrade beginning tomorrow as well.

To put it frankly, Windows 8 has seen a somewhat shaky start since its launch in October, and we’ll be surprised to see the software gain more upgrade traction once these discounts expire. Although sales of Windows software jumped by 24 percent in Q4 2012, this is a trivial increase compared to its predecessor. According to CNN Money, Windows sales soared by 76 percent during the quarter that Windows 7 launched, and rose by 65 percent when Windows Vista debuted. People are even paying more than Windows 8’s standard price to downgrade to Windows 7.