Windows 10's Fluent Design is Coming to iOS, Android and Web

Microsoft quietly announced at Build 2019 that Fluent Design, the set of design practices used across Windows 10, is coming to iOS, Android and the web.

When Fluent launched on Windows 10, it gave Microsoft's aging operating system new life through modern, clean interfaces.

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But until now, Fluent only influenced the appearance of Windows 10, not the Microsoft apps and add-ons found on other platforms. With the release of new toolkits for iOS, Android and the web, developers can now create native apps on non-Windows devices using the Fluent design language.

The goal for Microsoft is to give users a unified experience across devices and ecosystems. These visual changes won't be immediate, but Windows 10 users will start to see familiar design elements --- translucent effects, motions and depth ---  on iOS and Android apps as well as web add-ons in due time.

Fluent will also play heavily into the design of Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser, which could soon replace Google Chrome as our favorite web browser when it launches later this year.

Sherri L. Smith
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