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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Rollout May Take 3 Months

Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition on Aug. 2, but many users are still awaiting their chance to update to it. That could take up to three months, a note from Microsoft apparently says, meaning that some users may have to wait until November.

Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet noticed a footnote at the bottom of a Microsoft blast email last week that stated that the full rollout "may take up to 3 months to reach all users."

"The Anniversary Update will download and install via Windows Update," the apparently note said. "The download is automatically available to you. It will begin rolling out on 2 August 2016 and may take up to 3 months to reach all users. Internet access fees may apply." 

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Foley theorizes that Microsoft's staggered rollout lets the company keep tabs on any issues that occur, and learn how to fix them, before sending the update to the next wave of users. Windows runs on a huge number of machines from dozens of brands with parts from hundreds of vendors. When early adopters take the plunge with their own systems, Microsoft gets a look at what needs to be fixed and on which computers the OS works best.

Foley contacted Microsoft about the slow rollout, and the company responded with an anodyne statement that read, in part: "The vast majority of our customers have a high-quality, positive experience with our updates, and our goal is an issue-free experience for everyone. For those who don't, we want to hear from them so we can fix any issues as quickly as possible."

If you want to download the latest build now, you can use Microsoft's upgrade tool and read our piece on upgrading for more details.

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