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Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Out August 2 - Make Sure You Upgrade in Time

Mark your calendars — Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available on August 2. The new build will include changes to Cortana, make the Edge browser more efficient, allow for the sharing of game saves between PC's and Xbox One consoles and introduce Windows Ink for improved control with a stylus.

Here's the rub: the major update will launch four days after Microsoft ceases offering Windows 10 for free. If you're running Windows 7 or 8, the last day you have to jump to Windows 10 without incurring any costs is July 29. Microsoft is selling Windows 10 Home for $120 and Windows 10 Pro for $200 (both come on a USB stick or can be downloaded).

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Microsoft claims that over 350 million devices are running Windows 10 and that more customers are satisfied with it than any previous version of the operating system. There is a question of how many users wanted Windows 10 in the first place; users have reported being forced to download, and a woman in California sued Microsoft for $10,000.

Here at Laptop Mag, though, we're generally fans of Windows 10, especially now that many of the kinks have been worked out. We recommend that you update if your computer supports it, if only for the latest security features. But the Anniversary Edition update should provide users with plenty of reasons to consider Windows 10 while the price is still right.

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