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Vizio Muscles into Windows PCs with Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones Announced at CES

Did you think the Windows PC market couldn't get more competitive? Think again. Vizio, a California-based manufacturer of affordable TVs--and a certain tablet--is branching into new territory with two all-in-one desktop PCs at 24 and 27 inches, as well as a new 15.6-inch laptop. If that weren't enough, the newcomer's crashing another party--Ultrabooks. It's bringing 14- and 15-inch clamshells to the slate of existing MacBook Air alternatives.

All of these machines will be shown off in Las Vegas this week at CES.

Beyond size, not much else is known save that the systems are designed to offer entertainment features that may connect with Vizio television sets. 

"We think most PCs have been designed for the small-business users, that others have not done a very good job of making them entertainment devices,” Vizio's Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae told Business Week.

Rae also shared that the notebooks could be released as early as June and that the price points will be so low, they "just won't seem possible."

To sneak a peek at these obscenely affordable products, check the gallery below, and look for more details to come out of CES later this week.

via Business Week, The Verge