Video: How Many Gadgets Can We Fit in the Scottevest Fleece 7.0?

Scottevest's newest garment, the $160 Fleece 7.0, has 23 different pockets, designed to carry every electronic device you own. We took the jacket for a spin to see how much it could handle.

As the reviews editor of LAPTOP Magazine, I've got a lot--a LOT--of gadgets in my office: stacks of notebooks, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and so on. So, I donned the Fleece 7.0, opened all the zippers, and started stuffing in gadgets. How many? You'll have to watch the video to find out. 

Among other things, I was able to fit in an iPad, Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle Fire, three or so smartphones, and a Magic 8-ball. I definitely felt the weight of all those gadgets, as the Fleece 7.0 seemed to pull down on my shoulders when fully loaded. Still, it was comfortable to wear, and kept me warm in the subarctic temperatures of my office. And, when it finally warmed up, we could remove the sleeves of the Fleece 7.0 for a truly preppy look.

Psst...wanna buy a gadget? 

We're still putting the Fleece 7.0 through its paces; stay tuned for our full review. 

LAPTOP Reviews Editor