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Video Hands-On: ZigZag Board and Comic Book Stylus Apps on the Galaxy Note

LAST VEGAS -- We went hands-on with the Galaxy Note at CES's Pepcom last night, briefly demoing the 5.3-inch smartphone's stylus for drawing and note-taking. For a closer look at the S-Pen's functionality, we tried out two apps that leverage the pen for note-sharing and creating fun images.

ZigZag Board is a drawing application for collaborating with friends. When you scribble something down on your Galaxy Note, the other app user will see your writing appear on his or her screen. Basically, you can each modify and add to each others' notes and drawings, and it's a lot of fun. You don't need to have a Galaxy Note either. ZigZag will soon run on web browsers as well.

Another app that integrates the S-Pen's functionality is Comic Book. Pick an image from your photo library, and then add speech bubbles and effects such as air brush. Of course, you're also able to scribble on top of the picture with the stylus. Check out our video demos for the full scoop.