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Verizon Preps for Super Bowl: 400-Antenna 3G/4G Network, 600-Antenna Wi-Fi System, and More

This year marks the first 4G LTE Super Bowl, supported by Verizon's fastest network. It's not exactly shocking that the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis will need to ramp up its resources to ensure steady network connectivity in advance of the big game. Still, we didn't realize just how drastic that preparation could be—until GottaBeMobile shared its behind-the-scenes look at Verizon gearing up for February 5th.

The carrier is spending a crazy $69 million to install sufficient 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi for the 85,000 fans who will crowd the stadium (plus the millions more at home relying on the connectivity to watch the game). Here's a breakdown of exactly what infrastructure Verizon has in place to prevent deadzones:

  • 9 antennas are placed outside the stadium as part of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to handle increased downtown traffic.
  • Inside the stadium, there's a 400-antenna system for 3G and 4G LTE voice and data.
  • 28,000 fans attending the game will have free connectivity inside the stadium thanks to a 600-antenna Wi-Fi system.
  • To bolster connectivity in especially crowded areas, there are 3 standalone generator-powered cell towers.

On the day of the game, five Verizon employees will be circling the stadium with a testing device to measure network performance. There's a Verizon Super Bowl Command Center, where testers can relay the network performance results for appropriate adjustments to be made.

All that prep work isn't just for one day; Verizon says the amped-up coverage will stay in tact to be used for future events.

via GottaBeMobile