Verizon Beefs Up Messaging App to Ping Your Phone, Tablet and PC

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Even though it seems most people never go anywhere without their cell phones, Verizon's updated Messages App 4.0 ensures you'll never miss a text again. Similar to Apple's Messages app, whenever a message is sent to a Verizon customer's mobile number, it will appear simultaneously on that person's Android phone, tablet (Android or iPad), and PC. 

The app shows messages in a threaded feed, and can incorporate content such as photos and video. A content finder feature also lets you dig up multimedia, as well as URLs. Other features include optional pop-up notifications, previewing Web links, and a spam reporter. 

Messages are stored and synced for up to 90 days, unless the user deletes it. Within the app, a user can also send group messages, their location, and create custom autoreply text. Although there's no iPhone app, you can also access messages through a web portal, just as you would on your PC. You can download the app through the Apple App Store and Google Play stores for free. 

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