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Use Windows ID to Take Your Windows 8 Profile to Any PC

Windows 8 allows you to wirelessly sync numerous settings across multiple PCs by logging into the OS through your Windows account. Settings that can be synced across Windows 8 PCs include desktop wallpaper, windows sound themes, Internet Explorer favorites, recently visited webpages and more. This feature of Windows 8 will come in handy for families or anyone who uses more than one computer on a regular basis. Here's how to get started:

1. Open Charms and Click Settings.

2. Click Change PC settings.

3. Toggle Sync your settings on.

4.  Toggle on which settings you'd like to sync. Some of these includes but are not limited to Desktop personalization, passwords, App settings and more.

4. Log into a second Windows 8 machine with the same Windows ID. This liberates you from having to manually adjust your settings each time you log into a new PC. The first screenshot was lifted from the original machine. The screenshot below that was taken from the second machine we logged into. Notice that the wallpaper, frequently visited sites and favorites are exactly the same in the screenshot above and below