Typo 2 Is Sharknado 2 of iPhone Add-Ons

When you think about it, the Typo iPhone case and the film Sharknado aren't all that different. Both are hilarious on paper; Typo is a Ryan Seacrest-backed keyboard case that blatantly ripped BlackBerry (and got banned for it), whereas Sharknado is about, well... a tornado of sharks. Neither product needed a follow-up, but just as Sharknado got a star-studded sequel this week, Seacrest's legally dicey add-on is back with the $99 Typo 2. 

One would think that the new Typo would be built to avoid another court case, but this thing still pretty much makes your iPhone look like a BlackBerry. The keyboard now sports a lock button, and introduces a backlight and battery indicator. 

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The keys look more squared than curved this time around, and are propped up on an angle, perhaps to further distinguish each key and prevent spelling errors. The back of the case looks nearly identical, though it's adorned by a redesigned, sleeker Typo logo along the bottom half. 

We weren't totally in love with the first version in our original Typo review, as it felt cramped, disabled autocorrect and lacked a lock function. The Typo 2 seems like it will fix some of those issues, though we're not sure if it has any more of a chance of avoiding a lawsuit. Blackberry was able to effectively ban the original accessory in March. 

You can pre-order the Typo 2 now for $99, with orders shipping in mid-September. You might want to act fast if you want one, because unlike the masterful Sharknado 2, the Typo 2 might not exist forever. 

Michael Andronico
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