Toshiba Debuts Satellite Radius 12, Smallest 4K Hybrid

How many pixels can you pack into an ultraportable? Toshiba has crammed a 4K display into its newest ultraportable, the Satellite Radius 12. Available in the fourth quarter of 2015, this notebook will be able to bend back 360 degrees and will be powered by one of Intel's 6th-generation Core Series "Skylake" CPUs.

Weighing 2.8 pounds, the Radius 12 isn't quite as light as the 2-pound Lenovo LaVie Z 360 or the 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display, but at 0.6 inches thick, should be plenty easy to carry around. Its screen is the real star of the show. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, it has a pixel density of 352.47 pixels per inch, much higher than the Mac's 226.42 ppi. What's more, the Toshiba panel will be able to reproduce 100 percent of the Adobe RGB color spectrum, which should make for incredibly rich and saturated images.

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The Radius 12's IPS touchscreen will be protected by Gorilla Glass, and the rest of the notebook will be protected by an aluminum chassis.

The notebook will also feature a backlit keyboard, a full-size HDMI port, two USB ports, and a USB Type-C port. With a 6th-generation Intel processor, the Radius 12 should benefit from better performance and battery life over the previous generation of CPUs from Intel, but we've seen that 4K displays can use a lot more power than lower-resolution panels. 

Toshiba has yet to release pricing for the Satellite Radius 12, but I would not be surprised to see it in the same ballpark as the $1,699 LaVie Z. With its high resolution and color gamut, the Radius 12 could be of interest to photographers who want to travel as light as possible, yet need a notebook that can display images as true to life as possible. Otherwise, it looks like the notebook will mainly serve as eye candy for executives. Either way, we're certainly interested in seeing this impressive panel in person.

LAPTOP Reviews Editor