Top Ten Signs You're a BlackBerry Addict

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sniffer.jpgAnyone who was owned a BlackBerry knows how it can make your life easier. You don't have to fetch new e-mail messages. They just show up. And over the past couple of years RIM has done a good job making the designs sleeker and sexier (no more need for a geeky holster) while adding welcome multimedia features like music players and sharp cameras. The fact that they last at least a day longer on a charge than your typical Windows Mobile phone (based on my own tests) doesn't hurt either. So what could be so bad about a device that delivers your messages in real-time, lets you surf the Web anywhere, keeps your schedule, and keeps you entertained between meetings with a nice game of BrickBreaker? If you're not careful, it can take over your life.

Take the academic study done by David Vance, assistant professor of accounting at Rutgers-Camden university, and Nada Kakabadse, professor of management and business research at the UK's University of Northampton. It found that a third of BlackBerry users show signs of addiction "similar to alcoholics." For those scoring at home, that's not good. So what are some telltale signs you're a BlackBerry addict? I've devised a list that's designed to poke a little fun at our compulsive behavior--I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a bit of an addict--but as Jimbo from the Simpons once said: "Inside every joke is a little kernel of truth." Is it possible someone more literary said the same thing? Probably, but I'm too busy checking my BlackBerry to read. Top Ten Signs You're a BlackBerry Addict 10. After a cross-country flight you wait for all your new messages to download before you alert loved ones you're still alive. 9. You try to use BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts in Outlook. (No, you can't hit the space bar to type "@") 8. You think the iPhone would be much better if it only had a physical keyboard--and a trackball smackdab in the middle of the touch screen. 7. Your BlackBerry keeps you regular. Go to the bathroom without it and you'd have to "push" on your own. 6. You joined Facebook just so you could try the BlackBerry app. (No friends? The "I have a BlackBerry, I'm out of your league" group has 4,409 members.) 5. You've learned to drive with your knees. 4. Five or more consecutive vibrating alerts is on par with an orgasm. 3. You swap service outage stories with other "victims." 2. You've completely forgotten that a blackberry is a fruit. 1. You're reading this on your.....
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  • ruth Says:

    I am certainly 0an addict. There was a time , I couldn't find it. I was frantic... Had panic attack

  • Anando Says:

    haha that was funny.........wait where is my blackberry!!!#@#?@#

  • malungelo Says:

    no need to be unique anymore.. Let me get maself a blackberry & get with the programme..

  • bbaddict Says:

    Hahaha very good!!!!!!
    And I am proud to admit that I am posting this from my very own CrackBerry!!!

  • johnbb Says:

    I love my blackberry.. I use to have a curve 8520 but gave it to my brother and upgraded to curve 3G 9300 and we both love our blackberrys I'm telling you I had an iphone I had a sidekick phone a few touch screens and I can't do it I have to have a blackberry...

  • linka Says:

    Ohhhh GOD i think i'm addicted to! And yes i'm reading this on my .... Yes BB

  • embalmfirst Says:

    This is so true and sad to say the least. I'm using the blackberry bold 9650 and I'm totally addicted and in love *SMH*. I have large fingers so that alone turns me off with the Iphone but I can't imagine not ever using a bb. I wake up out of my sleep and I'm on fb and twitter!

  • Tina :) Says:

    Oh yeah and @ teddy hahahaha! c(:

  • Tina :) Says:

    Lol its funny and sad at the same time! Its sooo true though. I went on a camping trip with my best friend that I hadn't seen all day and I found myself texting the whole time lol. Then I have a habit of locking myself in the bathroom and pretending to be going when I don't even have to go. That way I can bbm my friends without them bothering me. But I thought the last one was really funny since I'm on my blackberry lmao. By the way my pin is 3144B73E. Add me! :)

  • teddy Says:

    If your BB is the cause why you're having problems and big issues in your marriage; then it's time to stop, think and make a desition, Divorce!

  • davocreative Says:

    ey guys. i bought my curve 8530 about one and a half weeks ago. let me tell you something from my experience. this gadget is amazing man...i just love it. its fast has a nice display, wi fi, 3g , e-mail-thing, and other features. im crackberry-addicted from now on!!!!!!

  • dave Says:

    So im like a crackberry dealer I got my bro my sisterinlaw my aunt my gf my best friend and my mom to get a crackberry... wow... and there all adicts what if something horrable were to happen like... oh better not say, but they should build a rehab center for us!

  • Kammi Says:

    I damaged my new BB Bold yesterday when it fell in water. I immediately filed my insurance claim. I should get my replacement tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck. This is the first time I didn't have an old replacement (I usually keep an old one in reserve for emergencies). I just sold my old 8700g and I could not find my old Curve. This is the first time in 4 years I've been without one for a day. I keep checking the UPS tracking information every few hours. I can't even explain the feeling that I had when I woke up this morning without it in my bed! When I'm visiting my BF, he has to move it out of the way because it's usually right there in the bed with us!

    For those of you who sleep with your BB like I do, please remember to always place your BB on the floor or night stand before you remove your bed sheets to place in the washing machine!!!

  • Silver Fang Says:

    I take my BlackBerry Curve out everywhere with me. I email, IM, web surf, text, play games, listen to music, take pictures and videos, etc. I do however, refrain from using it on the can, in the shower or while I'm sleeping.

  • Jesse Says:

    Yep addicted. I'm still getting used to the controls and stuff I just got it yesterday but ya it's incredible. I had a phone like one of those gas station pay-as-you-go phones all my life and didn't know the internet was wireless. Yeah. BIG upgrade.

  • saveyoursanity Says:

    11. You immediately go to facebook & join that blackberry group.

  • Devoni Says:

    I think I need the police. To stop me on the street one day saying drop that berry now! or back away from the berry LOL.

  • Devoni Says:

    I to feel I'm hooked this phone wakes me up in the mornning, puts me to sleep at nite with music and as far as someone saying no one reads books anymore . Well I've found apps were I can read whole books on my berry even the bible . I realy need help I just can't put the berry down.

  • paul Says:

    Even worse than being addicted is having twitter installed on your phone! Getting thousands of tweets a day keeps you glued to it!

  • AntMcl Says:

    I do pretty much everything with my BB! It comes with me cycling, and everywhere else, toilet, bed, school, work, shops, car, cinema, you name it and the BB is in my pocket! :D

  • Leonie Says:

    Haha I sleep with my blackberry too!!
    I have made lots of mistakes on my PC because i'm so used to my BlackBerry,, for example, when capitalizing my letters I often put 'mmmmmmm' instead of M!

  • Dominique Says:

    My blackberry is my BFF I even sleep with it right beside me. The very first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. I'm very attached.

  • 604guy Says:

    What happened to reading a book while u have a few mins to wait?

    Instead we go through text messages and re read random stuff
    Or go through pictures and all that other crap.

    Admit the addiction and what its done and do something to back down to earth.

  • Samantha Says:

    My husband and I both own Blackberry phones...he, the Curve (which I gave him when I
    upgraded to the Storm), and myself, the storm. Anyway, we spend time together but it
    usually involves us holding our blackberries for internet searches or texting friends/
    family. I really cannot go ANYwhere without it!!! And I brought my husband down
    with me!!!! LOL so we just sit together wherever, and start the BB addiction yet
    again. Maybe a word is exchanged throughout this time, but it's all about Berry. It
    really was a joke the very first time I got a BB, but in reality (and it sinks in fast!)
    we ARE addicts. Lol. I wonder if there's an actual BB Addicts Meeting somewhere?
    Hahaha...Bet a bunch of us posting would attend LOL ;-)

  • Ant.L Says:

    God help me,
    I even became a BB addict though used for 1- month.

  • Outdoor Inbox Says:

    Excellent! Love #7 - I'd rather have no toilet paper than no BlackBerry during my morning visit!!

    Great site btw.

  • JAZZBUFF630 Says:

    NYC buses during the morning rush are like a meeting of Crackberrys Anonymous. I had to buy one just to see if the "high" was just that good.

    IT IS!!!!!

  • Staci Lynn Says:

    This is so sad.If this were all just a bunch of jokes, it'd be different, but you all have serious issues.....

  • crackberry blue Says:

    I am SO texting this on my BB while n the bath & listening 2 music !!! This is such a riot. I've had my BB 4 a little over a week. Can't live without it !!! My best friend is already making fun of me.

  • Jen Says:

    I sleep with my blackberry right by my head!!

  • cee Says:

    I am sooo addicted to my never leaves me side. The first thing I check when I wake up in the morning, the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

  • jess Says:

    I will never use another phone besides the blackberry! The iphone is great && all but after 5mins ill need my trackball && keybored back!
    I really think im addictedit never leaves my side ever
    Ilyu bb

  • blurededge Says:

    Oddly, I think my crackberry may actually be good for my marriage. Ever since I got it I feel like I'm constantly connected to everyone I know. With our wierd and frequently conflicting work schedules, I think my wife and I actually communicate more now. I'm not sure if that says good things about the 'berry or bad things about our relationship....

  • angelfly Says:

    Lol! This is all so true! I've only had my bb 2 wks and I can't put it down,always somethen 2 learn!

  • benijaunah Says:

    Well its official I am a junkie like you all I can't even leave it alone when I am watching movies with my wife new statistic 25 % of divorce is crackberry related the sad part I am sending this from my pearl and the word crackberry is actually a recognized word in the autotext format

  • CranberryGirl Says:

    OMG I'm totally a crackhead! I'm reading this on my BB on the toilet while listening to music on my BB. I'm sick!

  • Little Miss Berry Says:

    I think I would die without my berry!
    Does anyone else call it their berry??
    Me and my friends all our own own little berry gang, such losers and we have have berry nicknames!
    I am truely 100% addicted, I would be lost without her! She's my baby!
    And my mum hates me because of her, she complains that I am never home, but even when I am, she never gets to see me because I am on my berry the whole time. . oops! x

  • MyBlackBerry08 Says:

    I agree I must be a crackberry head I'm @ work and sittinG @ my desk, This is sick!!!! LMAO

  • Ike Bee Says:

    If U write a response 2 this while @ work and sitting @ your desk, U might B a crackberry head!! Very funny stuff y'all.

  • Mrs. Cheese Says:

    Hahahaha! This is funny. But I must say I'm so addicted to my Blackberry, its has grafted with my skin and has become a part of me. I've even managed to grow my own bluetooth in my ear. Oh, the conversations between my doctor and I.

  • Ham Says:

    Actually, the number one should be...

    You know you're a BB addict when you post this list to your personal blog...

  • Satanux Says:

    OMFG! I need I life, faster, seend my a message to the blackberry if you found one to me...

  • Grapemist Says:

    Lol @ #5

  • Vic Says:

    I take my CrackBerry Curve EVERYWHERE I go.... It's attached at the hip haha! Great article!

  • GoldenRabbit Says:

    I've always loved men, but oh you BlackBerry baby!

  • Chris Says:

    My Girlfriend thinks my berry gets more time then she does. My old manager nicknamed me blackberry. In between idle thoughts i pull out my bb and scroll, i hit the brick builders for 2 levels and quit....


  • daquma Says:

    I need to get a life!

  • Mark Spoonauer Says:

    yes it does...just kidding...I'm reading this from the toilet so who the heck am I to talk? hey UrbLege, thanks for the feedback. let me know what else you'd like to see on the blog....that goes for everyone else, too...

  • chrisgrant Says:

    How about posting this on the toilet from my... Does that mean I have a severe case?

  • UrbLege Says:

    hey Spoonauer watsup

    i never expect any good unbiased article from u . i thought it will be anti-BB article . i make a mistake this time . its really Nice article . cheers :)

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