Top 10 Teched-Out Cars for 2012

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Like your wardrobe, your ride tells the world a lot about you, whether it's a tricked-out low-rider or a sensible family van. But everyone knows it's what inside that really counts. You need to let your tech flag fly by investing in a car that reflects your inner geek. Here, you'll find cars that feature mobile hotspots, four doors of theatrical sound, two-way TV screens, and smarter-than-you safety innovations, among other electronically-enhanced attributes. Here's our top 10 teched-out cars for 2012.

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  • thekittyperson Says:

    Go Linux. :)

  • Zachary B. Says:

    Excuse me, Kent? Even if the drive motors are totally electric, there is still a gas generator to provide power as needed. That alone makes the Volt a plug-in hybrid, not an all-electric (battery electric) vehicle.

    Personally, If I had the 40 grand and only needed a commuter car, I would rather be seen in a Tesla Model S or a Ford Focus EV than to be seen in a Volt... because charging stations are becoming more common in my area and the range is getting better on those laptop batteries (and not just on cars, either, I have seen general battery life improvement in the computers and phones on this site as well). Almost all electric cars and plug-in hybrids available today have the ability to tell you critical info via your smartphone, not just the Volt. I like the Ford Focus EV myself because it comes with leather seating, MyFord Touch and a smartphone app that lets me monitor charge, set the heater and even start the car remotely along with better efficiency per charge than the Volt and better looks to match.

    But since my application requires that I sometimes haul a payload, I would take the least efficient vehicle- the F-150 on this page- over any of the cars. It's also the 2nd least expensive purchase price (only to the Veloster) and definitely has the goods I want. I could buy a decked-out F-150 Crew Cab with an 8-foot bed that never has to be made, leather seating, MyFord Touch and Crew Chief for roughly the same price as a base model, cloth-seated, basically-equipped Volt. Guess where my hard-owned cash will go someday...

  • kent Says:

    It is NOT a hybrid! Total electric drive.

  • ralph Says:

    topography, not topology

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