Third-Party Tech Support Tested: How Does Geek Squad Compare to iYogi and

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There are myriad problems that can befall your laptop, ranging from the show-stopping to the productivity draining to the downright annoying. Many notebooks come standard with a period of toll-free tech support straight from the manufacturer, but what if you're past the support period or your problem falls outside the scope of what the vendor will solve?

Third party phone and Web services are there for you, but how helpful are they, and which is the best one? To find out, we tested the quality of three large services:

  • Geek Squad (, a subsidiary of Best Buy, provides tech support via in-store locations, house calls, phone sessions, or Internet (via remote access). Costs start at $29.99. The company claims all technicians are native English speakers with either Best Buy certification, four years of computer diagnosis and repair training, or A+ computer certification.
  • iYogi ( offers 24/7 tech support that comes bundled free with any PC purchased from or The support can also be purchased for any PC for $139 per year, which grants access to unlimited help. Each iYogi agent is a Microsoft Gold-certified technician.
  • ( also offers phone and remote repair services and it says that its agents are Gold-certified technicians as well. Support service subscriptions start at $19.99 (monthly) and $199 (annually) per computer. It also offers one-time repairs starting at $49.99. only assist users with computers running Windows 7, Vista, or XP; there is no Linux, Mac OS X, or Unix at this time.

We conducted our test by feigning two problems with a Gateway NV7915u notebook. On our first call to each service, we disabled the laptop’s webcam in the Windows Device Manager. When we contacted each service, we claimed we could no longer video chat in Skype. On our second call, we presented ourselves as Windows 7 novices who had seen Microsoft’s commercials and wanted to learn how to stream music from one Windows 7 notebook to another. We placed one call in the morning, and another in the evening.

Third Party Tech Support Services Tested

Geek Squad

Geek Squad Report Card
Webcam Question 25 Minutes (A)
Win 7 Question
9 minutes (A)
Overall Grade

Though Geek Squad has been criticized from time to time for overcharging and pushing its services too hard on customers in the store, our experience with Best Buy’s remote tech support service was nothing but positive. In fact, Geek Squad fixed our issues without charging us a dime.

Upon visiting the Geek Squad site for the first time, we were met with the smiling photo of Geek Squad agent Anthony H. on the right side of the page. Clicking his name opened a window that prompted us to create an account (you can also view a list of all available agents and their customer ratings by clicking a link beneath this box). We were automatically directed to a chat window with a message that read, “Thank you for contacting the Geek Squad, this is Agent Anthony H. How can I help you today?”

We described the webcam issue, and he provided a link that we used to download and install a Geek Squad-branded version of the remote access software, LogMeIn. This let Anthony access our Gateway NV7915u, and he proceeded to run a diagnostic program to determine the health of our machine, which completed in just under 15 minutes.

After determining that our PC was in tip-top condition, Anthony launched Skype and asked us to log in. He gave us his Skype ID, which we added to our contacts list. He prompted us to initiate a video chat, which (naturally) failed. Anthony took over the machine and went directly to Device Manager, where he discovered the webcam had been disabled; he sounded surprised to find it turned off (to be fair, we would be, too).

After activating the webcam, he asked us for our phone number and for us to restart the computer. Anthony called us within seconds and told us to fire up Skype for a video chat. We did, and within seconds we were chatting with him face-to-face: problem solved. When we asked him about the repair fee, he told us, “No worries. It was an easy fix. Consider it on us.” According to Geek Squad’s website, the cost for generic Computer Hardware Repair starts at $29.99.

We connected with Geek Squad Agent Josh W. at 5:30 p.m. to see if he could get our NV7915u to stream music to a separate Windows 7 notebook. Josh W. asked if both computers were connected to the Internet (which we confirmed), and he correctly walked us through the steps of creating a Home Group (launching the program, creating a password, selecting file types). This process didn’t require the use of remote access software, and took less than five minutes to set up. After the music flowed from one computer to another, we asked about pricing, and were given another freebie. Geek Squad lists Software Install (which includes software configuration) as a $49.99 operation.

Based on our experience, we strongly recommend Geek Squad’s tech support services. The agents were courteous, friendly, and efficient, and we were not charged for our two troubleshooting issues.

Third Party Tech Support Services Tested


iYogi Report Card
Webcam Question 115 minutes (D)
Win 7 Question
10 minutes (B)
Overall Grade

With iYogi’s claims that it employs certified technicians, we expected a good experience with this service. However, iYogi delivered mixed results, and some may have trouble understanding the agents’ strong accents.

Unlike the Geek Squad agents that immediately jumped on the problems we presented to them, iYogi demanded we jump through some hoops first when we surfed to its website at 10:30 a.m. After clicking on the Chat Now button, we were prompted to enter our name, phone number, and e-mail address into a form. Then we were moved into a chat session with Jeenet Sorokhaibam, who asked about our PC problem.

After telling her about our webcam issues, she reminded us of the $139 annual subscription fee and asked if we’d like to proceed. We confirmed, and she told us she’d call back shortly to take our billing information, and to shuttle us to a technician who would work with us to handle the problem. She called back ten minutes later to take down our credit card information. Then she transferred us to an agent who would not give us his name when we asked for it twice. We were told “not to worry about it,” as he was “here to help.” That was a a bit disconcerting, but we pushed forward.

Similar to Geek Squad’s Anthony H., our iYogi agent initially went into Device Manager (after taking over our notebook using the iYogi Support Dock software) to suss out the webcam problem. But he skimmed right over the webcam listing and exited Device Manager. What should have been a near-instantaneous repair transformed in a 1-hour-and-45-minute phone call that we struggled to understand.

At one point we were on hold for more than half an hour. When he returned, he was quite curt, suggesting we find the webcam’s driver disk. Upon telling him we didn’t have it, he became noticeably frustrated; he then launched system restore and turned back the clock to a day before—overkill for a problem that could have been fixed in Device Manager.

Fortunately, the next technician that assisted us was far more efficient. Like Geek Squad’s Josh W., this iYogi agent (who also refused to give his name) verbally walked us through the act of setting up a Home Group (launching the program, creating a password, selecting files types) and streaming media from one notebook to another. It took 10 minutes total between the initial contact and our media being streamed from PC to PC. His Indian accent was far more comprehensible than his predecessor, which was welcome.

Paying $139 to fix our two minor problems seems excessive. Granted, iYogi covers one year of service, but there’s no guarantee that we’d actually need the coverage again. In addition, iYogi could better serve its customers if there were native English speakers on staff.

Third Party Tech Support Services Tested Report Card
Webcam Question 15 Minutes (B+)
Win 7 Question
10 minutes (B)
Overall Grade

When we initially arrived on’s home page, we were a bit confused. Because the live chat button is tucked away in the upper-right portion of the screen, our eyes skimmed past it several times. After a few seconds, we clicked this option to enter the live chat with a Solution Engineer Tim at 10:00 a.m.

After entering our name and telephone number into an online form (there’s a button to initiate the chat positioned in the middle portion of the page), Tim asked us about our problem, and we related the story of our non-functional webcam. He broke down the various tech support plans available, and then took our billing information after we selected the monthly option. Then Tim gave us a link, which we used to download the remote access software.

Tim instructed us to launch the webcam, which brought up the expected error. He accessed the system, and found his way to the Device Manager, where he reactivated the camera. He asked us how this may have happened, and when we responded that we didn’t know, he wisely observed that it looked like it was done on purpose, warning us that someone may have been pulling a prank. The entire process took just under 15 minutes.

When we returned to again at 6:00 p.m., Steven stepped up to the challenge of solving our fabricated streaming problem. He correctly walked us through the steps necessary to set up a Home Group by launching the program, creating a password, and selecting file types to be streamed. The time taken from the initial contact to the music being streamed from system to system was 10 minutes.

Similar to our experience with iYogi, we felt we paid too much for the relative quick fixes offered by We much preferred Geek Squad’s approach to tech support, which saved us money by not billing us for simple repairs. Still,’s one-time repair and monthly options offer considerably more flexibility than iYogi, and the tech support team consists of friendly, native English speakers.

Third Party Tech Support Services Tested

Overall Verdict

Final Grades
Geek Squad A
iYogi C

Third-party tech support is an excellent tool for those leery about independently tinkering with their notebooks. The type of service that you should purchase, however, varies based on your needs. If you frequently find yourself in need of assistance, iYogi’s $139 annual subscription will pay for itself in just a few calls (if you’re willing to deal with potential communications problems and have some time to kill). Those not willing to deal with those headaches may prefer’s more expensive unlimited service plan ($199 annually).

Geek Squad and will probably be more to your liking if you rarely need tech support, as they offer low-cost one-time fixes. was faster than Geek Squad overall, but the edge goes to Best Buy’s service because they were willing to fix our specific problems on the house.

Third Party Tech Support Services Tested

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  • William T Says:

    Seems like iYogi is closing its doors. I paid for a 1 year support plan, used it 3 or 4 times and was satisfied with the results. However, each and every time I was repeatedly pressured to purchase a multi-year contract. I refused but each attempt took 5-10 minutes to get them to move on and fix the problem at hand. Today (5/18/16) I connected with them and was immediately told that I had to renew my support plan. I say "No, it doesn't expire until Sept 21, 2016". Immediately I was "transferred" to another "tech" but no one ever returned on line. I disconnected and tried again. This time, before I could even describe my problem, I was told I had to purchase a support plan. When I asked to be connected to a supervisor I was given a number the proved to be not in service. I checked their website and called both the Support and Sales numbers and both were not working numbers. Goodbye iYogi. I uninstalled all of their software and am now looking for another support service company. GeekSquad it looking good.

  • Computer Geek Kim Says:

    NO, I had a friend go to geek squad and they charged them over 300.00 to clean up a computer! I would say is better. Trust me i have been doing this for 15 years. I here some horror stories that would floor you guys. about geek squad. If you want to play it super safe get your computer fixed at they have been around for 10 years! its a small but super awesome family support center . good luck guys, Kim

  • John Anderson Says:

    Computer support companies can be great, but many of them have their limitations. However, there’re some that offer comparable services with pocket-friendly prices as those mentioned above. One of such PC support companies I have been using since October 14, 2007 is Their technical support reps are simply great! The service offers onsite visitation, remote assistance, and over the phone support on a 24 hour basis.

  • George is fake Says:

    So what was the problem (refer to quote by Mr. Lazarro)

    RE: George Lazarro Says:
    April 8th, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    I have had several computers put into the geek squad and they have done a fantastic job with all of them very proffesional and very helpful! my brother had taken his dell to a “mom and pop” store and they try to charge him for a new harddrive, and a operating system install almost 300 dollars in repairs. i told him to use the geek squad and they found the real prob which was neither the harddrive or the OS the mom and pop stores are crooks looking out for there own pockets!!!

  • Misty's Friend Says:

    Geek squad is an insult to geeks. A friend of mine bought a pc at Best Buy in Nov. 2009. She had some major problems right away & was told to call the squad. That's when she found out just how messed up a pc can get from bad advice. Among other things, the idiot she talked to installed multiple anti-virus softwares & totally messed up her computer.

    It took a total of 4 visits to the store before she got the friggin' thing working. Her experience was enough to turn me off Best Buy for life!

  • Sean Says:

    Why did get two B grades compared to Geek Squads's two A's? solved the same problems with the same solution in less overall time. Seems bias in my opinion.

  • Tim Says:

    everyone has their own version of a bad experience.....i have to say i had the reverse of george's experience....i brought in my pc to geeksquad and they held on to it for 6 days and still didnt remove the virus that i asked them to remove, they charged me $214....i had no intention of bringing it back there so i just did a search on google and found this place and they fixed it over the internet.....i didnt even know that was just have find someone you can trust.

  • George Lazarro Says:

    I have had several computers put into the geek squad and they have done a fantastic job with all of them very proffesional and very helpful! my brother had taken his dell to a "mom and pop" store and they try to charge him for a new harddrive, and a operating system install almost 300 dollars in repairs. i told him to use the geek squad and they found the real prob which was neither the harddrive or the OS the mom and pop stores are crooks looking out for there own pockets!!!

  • Eini Drara Says:

    Sounds like this review has been sponsored by the Geek Squad.

  • Thomas Frkovich Says:

    I get plenty of business compared to any of these guys. Seems like Mom and Pop shops are a preference for many and I don't see that in this article. I hear complaints left and right about companies such as Geek Squad that lead clients my way. I am not complaining but hey that's more business for me. Decisions on price negotiation are done right on the spot so if there's a costly repair and a client only has so much money I can work with their budget knowing what my profit would be and about 90% of the time I'm happy with profit from services over profit over sales on hardware. Something that Geek Squad agents cannot do as they have fixed prices on just services and a lack of resources to get the replacement part or pricing or eta immediately. So for all the people who done business with geek squad: did you notice that one thing led to another? Your motherboard failed but current boards on the market required memory that you had that was not compatible resulting in multiple purchases of both memory and board? Also elders seem to be more comfortable with a self employed individual period. Nothing like dealing directly with the owner of a business who takes pride in their reputation. Do you think a geek squad agent would ever be a company man? They'll only be dedicated should the agent be some peeping tom (LOL). They should include smaller outfits, compare from there, and re-write this article. I'm sure the results will be surprising.

  • Amanda Says:

    I use, they have always been good and fast, they are affordable and 100% American which I like.

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