The New Yahoo Mail: 5 Things You Need to Know

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Do you Yahoo? For a large number of email users, the answer’s still a solid “Yes.” Good old Yahoo Mail started to feel bloated, cluttered and, well, old now that streamlined services like are the norm, though – which makes today’s introduction of a new-look Yahoo Mail an especially welcome change. Here are the five things you need to know about the new Yahoo Mail.

The Emperor’s new clothes – Yahoo overhauled its email clients to cut the clutter and give them a fresh, clean look. The service places your messages front and center, with folders segregated to a small left-side pane (which is hidden on mobile devices). Sure, it looks like every other webmail service, but that’s a good thing.

Seamless design – Yahoo updated its Android and iOS apps as well as its Web client to bring that new look to every possible Yahoo Mail entry point, creating a unified experience that stays (basically) the same, no matter what platform you’re on.

Better, faster, stronger – In the blog post announcing the update, Marissa Mayer says that the email app was redesigned “with speed in mind.” Our brief fiddling with the Web client certainly feels faster than before. The company told The Verge that the Android app was rewritten from the ground up to increase speed while simultaneously using 20 to 40 percent less battery.

There’s a Windows 8 app! – Microsoft’s new platform may not have many apps yet, but now you can count Yahoo Mail amongst the crowd. The Windows 8 Yahoo Mail app blends the service’s new look with Microsoft’s familiar Modern interface.

You might not have it yet – The updated Web client is being rolled out gradually, though Mayer says that “Over the next few days, most mail users will begin to experience the new Web version of Yahoo! Mail.”

Mayer also says that this update is "just the beginning." Hopefully she means it; over the past few years, Yahoo Mail has seemed content to stay safe while such services as and Gmail constantly push out new features and updates. This overhaul is a refreshing step in the right direction for Yahoo.

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  • ellyone Says:

    hate the new version, impossible to search web, only email hard to view hate it and should not be forced to have something I do not want classic email was fine

  • Mariella Hargreaves Says:

    I hate the new Yahoo. Why is it being forced upon us? I don't want it. It's complicated, sluggish and I lose all the things I'm able to do now.

  • MARVIN Says:


  • Jim Owen Says:

    Ever since that Melissa woman joined Yahoo, the service, especially the email has gone downhill and has been trying to break the record in getting from bad to worse.

    She did the same to Gmail. She is the Jose Mourinho of the email world.

    High time Yahoo put her down to pasture and got someone else to rebuild a once good service back to what it was

  • Thomas Reiter Says:

    Every upgrade allows in more ads.

  • helen castiglioni Says:

    what happened to my emojis and why cannot I go to next on email messages. next shows in shadow but does not turn to white to activate

  • peter lancaster Says:

    the new yahoo mail does not work - contacts will not let you add an email address, nor will it allow you to cluster email addresses - for the first time in 15 years I will buy an email client

  • Lois McCormick Says:

    I do have an Ya Hoo account...just need to be able to get back into.

  • Arnold Randall Says:

    I changed my email from talktalk some time
    ago which is a vast improvement and added about 76 of my regular contacts details but some time ago Contactss indicator vanished andoid all my contacts how cay you or I retrieve them?

  • Jacqueline Cosby-Mozee Says:

    Need the new Yahoo mail now. Thanks.

  • Janey Says:

    I am frustrated bc I have a new hp laptop and I can't get email on it- something to do with a pw- I can't change it all the time because it changes itself For me and won't tell me what it did- how can I get mail with no pw?

  • Rosemarie Pochron Says:

    How can I get "The New Yahoo?"

  • Don Cogs Says:

    WHY is the top one third of my Yahoo Mail screen empty?

    And, WHY is Yahoo willing to answer the questions in their very carefully prepared list - and NOTHING else?

  • surya bahadur Says:

    I ned yahoo new accountplease send how to get me please

  • becky minton Says:

    I have never had any trouble getting or sending emails from the start screen icon until the last week, and now can't even locate yahoo on my phone, muchless get my email from my start screen!! I have tried EVERYTHING to fix it, with NO LUCK I have also tried to talk to a REAL PERSON by calling, and that is a definite DEAD END, and all the "help sites" are such a joke. I really rely on this email as I care for many elderly & disabled, plus foster children regularly. I NEED VERBAL HELP PLEASE

  • G.Jane Dostou Says:

    I have just opened a new Yahoo account thru Google Play and have written 3 lengthy letters that went to draft before I knew what was happening. I cannot retrieve them and wanted to combine all 3 pieces together in one letter. HELP!!!

  • LIZZY Says:

    Can't delete messages without opening them. I don't want to open suspicious or trash items. Bring back the version that actually allows me to manage my accounts. Yahoo is yet another program that I cringe when I see updates available. I'm gonna have to shut off automatic updates before they screw my mail up again. Hello gmail.I'm back.

  • Claire Says:

    I don't like the new email. I have to delete messages individually instead of being able to check multiples and then trash. Time consuming unless there is another way. Help. This is on my Android.

  • Mo Says:

    Opening attachments IN EMAIL worked fine all this time and now it does not work. More problems than not with new yahoo mail. Tired of chasing links trying to figure out how to get that one to work.

    I don't want to always download the pic, doc etc. then open it from computer.

    FIX IT!!!!!!!

  • Beverly Capps Says:

    So, I have always loved my yahoo mail and went to it for convenience. I will be leaving it, I guess, now, due to inconvenience.Hello, Google! Most of us use email to communicate with people, and in my field, I send messages to departments, i. e. groups, which is a term that the new Yahoo seems to be unfamiliar with. I just want to be able to create distribution lists in my Yahoo mail that is on my computer operating with Windows8. H.E.L.P.

  • M Pullan Says:

    for many months BT has been promising the fools like me who signed up to Yahoo an improved mail service - but we are still stuck with Yahoo. Can't load pages today - what a ridiculous system it is - thnak goodness for Gmail.

  • BernardineTracy Says:

    Why can't I Get my email from yahoo? Do you want me to cancel and get a more dependable server? This problem is so frequent, it seems you do not want old customers. Am I right?

  • Chidi Says:

    My laptop was stolen and since then I have not been able to have access to my yahoo mail because I have to provide a secrete verification password that has been sent to onebox which I don't know anything about. Yahoo is yahoo which in my language means stupid or dumb. It is the most irritating mail service on earth.

  • Terry Says:

    Have to agree, new mail version "SUCKS"

    Actually considering dropping Yahoo if this mess does not get cleaned up!!!!

  • K.K.W. WILSON Says:

    I looked at a large number of replies on this site and I can't agree with them more. This is the worst piece of programming idiocy I have ever seen. What did Yahoo! do? Hire a bunch of MS rejects!!! Everyone knows you can't get much lower on the programming ladder than MS but Yahoo! now holds that honor without question.

  • Real Change Says:

    Yahoo buttons don't work in IExplorer. Yahoo is finished. It is a pile of BS. Total POS.
    I was the last of my friends to migrate to google mail because i didn't know how to forward my sent mails from Yahoo to Google.
    Well, it's easy, I created a folder and imported it. Bye Yahoo pieces of d#*k sh#t. Yahoo should die or be sent to the gallows

  • deedeeMao Says:

    There's only one thing you need to know about "new" Yahoo mail.

    It sucks beyond imagining. Just this week it started arranging all my emails by day and date.

    Uh... OK I guess. But then it did something really Cute! It started saving 29 copies of each draft instead of just one!

    Then when I spent a half hour deleting all the extra copies, it deleted ALL of my drafts back to December 2014.

    New Yahoo is just filled with surprises.

  • joseph Says:

    not able to compose

  • Pete West Says:

    Totally, totally useless.

    Designed by nutters.

    Have just typed my first emai and spent an hour trying to send it. I am an experienced user, and I have failed. What a waste of time..

  • Larry Says:

    Yahoo Mail no longer allows drag and drop for attachments when using Internet Explorer, but it does work if using Firefox, but why? I have a paid business email account, but am considering changing to get away from the new Yahoo Mail.

  • Mike Says:

    Once again Yahoo demonstrates it's grade school dropout mentality - if its not broke, lets break it ! Just because you can screw it up doesn't mean you have to. I guess you drop features, find out how many people liked them, and then try to figure out how to charge them for the "extra" basic features.
    Oops - sorry I did not use simple one syllable words you tried to learn in preschool.
    Oh well, so much for venting to a deaf, blind, and brain dead entity.

  • Bella Says:

    I no longer have that arrow button that would allow me to go forward or backwards through my emails. I really hate this new change Yahoo.

  • NowYouKnow Says:

    Multiple recipients? Forget about it! It wants you to scroll down all 300 entries in your contacts list and select the recipients -- NUTS! And mine does NOT have the settings gear in the upper right hand corner. So NOTHING can be changed! WOW! The new convent size as the marketing worms like to say.

  • Wilbur Sewell Says:

    Yahoo mail sucks is right. It will not let me use my groups in contact. I have 90 people in 2 different groups and it won't let me use the groups.

  • yosan Says:

    yahoo is the best

  • J.R. McDONALD JR Says:

    Why does YAHOO! consistently navigate to the wrong page, or says the page is not available? It is very frustrating trying to check e-mail because I have to go thru so many wrong pages to get there. AND I AM ON DIAL-UP!

  • Peter Says:

    If Yahoo Mail does not reinstall cc: and bcc: I will switch to another email that still does use it. Quickly.

  • Yahoo mail user since 1996 Says:

    Somewhat happy everyone things the same as I. Did you mention already about the fact that you can not anymore sort your mails by sender or title or whatever, but just by "last arrived on top"? Or if you can, it must be on a totally counter-intuitive way, because I haven't figured out how yet.

  • ron heferen Says:

    will I get a better service with the new yahoo mail, thank you for your time , ron

  • Disgruntled Former Yahoo User Says:

    Yahoo users beware. Yahoo at its sole discretion can delete your account and all your information without giving you any other reason than saying you violated its Terms of Use. Once that happens, all your information is gone. They lack any customer service. I strongly suggest everyone leave them and find a better company.

  • john Says:

    Yahoo email sucks. Cannot read or open email.

  • Linda Says:

    OK, came on to find out why my email has changed. I can't delete or select emails, I can't find a way to attach anything to my emails, uggg! I hate computer changes because I have no clue what to do!

  • Ilse Martin Says:

    Why does my friend in Germany get my inbox when she clicks on attached photos? She can't open the photos. It happened twice, even after I changed my password.

  • MP Says:

    yahoo email is the worst ever!!!

    Why don't they listen to their users.

  • smitti Says:

    I HATE the new YaBoo Mail.

    Everything usable was removed. My whole mail page is screwed up when the advertisement shows. The top portion is removed. I click to close ad and the top of the page returns. Ad pops back and the top goes away again.

    **&&^^%%$E@@#$%0((**&&^^%%$$###$%^*%$##*)()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE HATE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No close mail button any more. What a waste to have to scroll up to do next or previous. The arrow in the mail left/right worked great

    How could YaBoo possibly remove the most convenient feature ... sort alphabetically ??? This was he most efficient way to purge my mail.

  • Julia Says:

    How do I stop ail from yahoo in windows mail

  • cbw Says:

    I hate this new version. I think it's hard to navigate and when I try to print out my e-mails, they are all so far to the right that I can't read them.
    There may be something I can do about this myself but if so, I don't know how.
    A lot of times when I click on an e-mail to open it, it jumps to the one below.


    ineed to sign up where do I go

  • James Says:

    I have only ever used Yahoo But am having problems why?????

  • BRB Says:

    What the Hell is UP with this email format, can't multiple attach, no font button,(size or type) spellcheck or any other settings. Who is the Moron that decided this is Better. G-mail here I come, Yahoo, you are losing a lot of customers and I will be contacting you to get my money back to have Mail Plus.!

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