How to Enable Offline Gmail in Chrome

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Like Google Docs, Gmail provides users with the ability to access content offline. However, where Docs just lets you view files, Gmail allows you to edit emails without an active Internet connection when signed in through Google Chrome. Viewing and searching messages happens in real-time, while sent messages are stored and fired off when you reconnect to the web. To activate the offline Gmail, follow our quick how-to below.

  1. Sign into your Gmail account through Google Chrome.

  2. Click the gear icon in the right corner of the screen and select Settings.

  3. From the navigation bar, choose Offline and click Install Gmail Offline.

  4. Click the blue Add To Chrome box and choose Add from the Confirm New App screen.

  5. After the app is finished installing, an Offline Google Mail icon should automatically appear on your Chrome app page.

  6. Click the icon, select Allow offline mail and click Continue.

    From now on your Gmail account will sync with your computer, allowing you to access your mail while offline.

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  • tomic slavko Says:


  • Sr.Mary Atukunda Says:

    I would like to learn how access my E-Mails where there no ithernet

  • Michael Sump Says:

    It doesn't work. Gmail Offline is installed and will open (when I'm online). When I'm offline, I receive an error message that says I must be online to run Gmail Offline. This has to be an error with the setup or software. ~Mike

  • melissa jones Says:

    my friends when i text them they say that they can't get the text offline and they getnthe text online when i get online

  • Jamie Says:

    I've installed it like you said.
    It sort of works.
    In the left pane I see my emails(subject line) but if i click on any of them it says
    This conversation is not available offline and everything on right pane disappears.
    I can compose new emails but that's all I can do with this app.
    If you can't click on emails and read or reply(to be sent later) I don't see the point
    in the app.Is this normal or is the app not working properly?
    If you have any suggestios I'd appreciate them.

  • Gerry Says:

    When I follow your instructions, get to settings, and click "offline", I don't get an "install Gmail Offline". Instead I get "Launch Gmail Offline". That works in that the application is launched, but it's worthless because I have to be online to launch the app. Why don't I have an "Install" option instead?

  • Sitalaxmi Jagadeswaran Says:

    In my google chrome some problem comes when I operate Gmail and facebook. It gives message like...
    "wait" Kill the pages etc. I have to wait for long time to resume my mail. Please tell me the slution.

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