The Geek Sheet: A 'Burka' For Your Mobile Life

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LaptopBurka01Reducing laptop display glare when out in the sun is probably not a problem a huge segment of the population faces yet is still one waiting for the perfect solution. If netbook advertisements are to be believed, more people will be spending time at the beach or the park or their backyard with a laptop and a wish for less glare. As long as the reigning wisdom amongst manufacturers is that consumers want glossy screens instead of the more sensible (and less prone to glare) matte screens, sunlight will continue to obscure screens everywhere.

Perhaps inspired by his trips to the beach, entrepreneur Marc Johnson created a new "Anti-Glare Technology" called the Laptop Burka. Yes. Laptop Burka. The product was launched earlier this year but it seems that Johnson has already cottoned on to the fact that his naming choice might have been a bad one. Today the company announced a "brand new" product called Geek Sheet, which is just like the Laptop Burka but is white on the outside to reflect sunlight and to create "a cool work space. Way cool." Daddio.

LaptopBurka02The Geek Sheet/Laptop Burka is just what it looks like: a piece of fabric you drape from your head -- you'll need to wear a hat with a brim -- that then covers your body. Use it anywhere to block "the glare of sunlight or stares from uninvited strangers." It will certainly keep you from seeing the people staring at you, that's for sure.

The Geek Sheet costs $16.99, but we're left wondering why you should bother paying all that money when a sheet from your bedroom will work just as well and make you look just as silly. Perhaps a regular sheet or blanket will not drape as attractively. But I'll bet my Space Invaders blanket will make me look even more geeky, keep me out of the sun, and protect me from invading aliens to boot.

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  • TinkerTenor Says:

    Does the Geek Sheet come with air holes? Because I'm worried it may not be safe for my children. And by children I actually mean me as well, for I too am vulnerable to the dangers of asphyxiation. Seriously?! I just invented something called The Stupid Sheet, designed to be draped effortlessly over your computer screen when you read about a product that is particularly ridiculous or useless, and you just can't take it anymore.

  • Geek Sheet Says:

    Althought the Geek Sheet might not be for everyone . The serious laptop computer traveler who requires a 100% glare free portable , breathable work space will enjoy Geek Sheet .

  • Mark Spoonauer Says:

    I would love to see someone try to use one on the beach, just to see how long it takes the police to show up. Or an airport.

  • Liz Says:

    Come to think of it, you could breastfeed under it too!

  • Liz Says:

    That's hilarious and sad! I think I'll opt for sitting in the shade.

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