T-Mobile Offering Unlimited Nationwide Data for Unlocked iPhones

It doesn't look like T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone 5, but that doesn't mean that T-Mobile customers aren't using them. In fact, according to a press release from the fourth largest carrier, more than a million iPhones are currently running over T-Mobile's network. With the launch of the iPhone 5 just days away, T-Mobile is doing everything it can to lure iPhone users to its network, including (as yet unspecified) incentives in select markets and unlimited nationwide data coverage.

Beginning September 12 (the day of the iPhone 5's presumed announcement), branded retail stores will feature iPhone 4S demonstration units and sales staff will begin training to help customers set up their unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile's network. The company has already begun creating iOS versions of apps like T-Mobile myAccount, T-Mobile Visual Voicemail and T-Mobile TV.

T-Mobile boasts that customers using the company's $69.99 per month "Unlimited Talk, Text and Data" plan will save $50 per month compared to AT&T's "Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB Smartphone Data" plan -- giving data-hungry users a very good reason to switch carriers. What's more, T-Mobile claims that its HSPA+ network offers 70-percent faster download speeds on unlocked iPhone 4S devices than on AT&T's network.