T-Mobile Android Phones to Get Wi-Fi Calling and Texting Feature

Need another reason to buy an Android phone? T-Mobile just gave you a big one. Today the carrier announced that it will be extending its popular Wi-Fi calling feature to several Android phones in its fleet.

That means lucky T-Mobile subscribers will be able to make phone calls and send SMS texts over any  home or public 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection, shaving down monthly minutes and text fees in the process.

As of now the recently announced myTouch and Motorola Defy are the only devices that will get the new feature, but they'll be joining a small gaggle of BlackBerry and Nokia smart phones.

Wi-Fi Calling for Android, as it's called by Information Week, also comes in handy if your home or place of business just happens to be in a bad reception zone. Thinking about getting a new Android phone? How much will Wi-Fi calling push you over the fence into T-Mobile's yard?

Via: Information Week

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