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SwiftKey X 2.2 Adds Multitouch Typing Support, More Languages

An update for popular third-party Android keyboard, SwiftKey X, just dropped into the Android Market last night. Version 2.2 brings multitouch typing support to let you bang out your messages faster, additional languages (including support for up to 35 different tongues now), and an improvement to the software's Fluency prediction engine on the backend.

Specifically, SwiftKey has added Arabic and Hebrew languages, but the update also includes full language localization for Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portugese. The nice thing about SwiftKey is that you can blend together a total of 3 languages (which you enable in settings later on), and switch among these as you write out your colloquial messages. SwiftKey seamlessly handles the changes in your writing style as you jump from language to language.

The app can also slurp information from your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts to gather statistics about how you type and predict what word you're likely to type next.

A final, neat feature that's now out is setting a choice between Precise or Rapid typing style. The Precise style is geared towards careful typists who tend to choose predictions, while Rapid mode is for fast typists who put their faith in autocorrect to do their bidding. Not sure which type you are? Ask the app to generate a heat map that shows how you dash off your texts or type each letter precisely.

SwiftKey X for smartphones and SwiftKey Tablet X comes loaded with full support for the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It's ready for download in the Android Market ($3.99 for phones, $4.99 for tablets) right now.

via SwiftKey