Sprint Clarifies Required $10 Premium Data Charge on Evo 4G

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There's been a lot of buzz on Twitter tonight about Sprint's required $10 premium data fee for its hot new Evo 4G phone. This charge is on top of the $69.99 Simply Everything plan that includes 450 minutes, unlimited 3G surfing, text messaging, GPS, all-you-can-eat YouTube, and other goodies. At first we thought this was some sort of 4G surcharge, but that's not the case. You'll need to pony up the extra 10 bucks regardless of where you live. Sprint spokesperson John Taylor attempted to clear things up on his blog tonight:

If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It's not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.

Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. These features will give you capabilities that have previously never been available on a wireless device and we think they provide a premium experience. (Remember, this is the world's first 3G/4G Android phone.)

So, basically, you're paying a premium because of what Sprint expects you to do with the phone--namely, consume more data than you ever have in your life. And given the Evo 4G's large display for web surfing and capabilities like two-way video chat, one could argue that this new tier is fair. But as we said before we sincerely hope Sprint doesn't charge customers even more for two-way video chat. That should be built into the $10 premium. Would you pay a minimum of $80 per month to use this phone? Sound off in the comments.

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  • AZgiggity Says:

    This is indeed a surcharge on 4G.
    I am paying it, and not for an EVO smartphone, but for a 3G/4G modem. I do NOT own any smartphone of any sort from any provider.
    During the last part of the sign up Sprint said that because 4G users tend to use more bandwidth, there was a $10 surcharge. (paraphrased)
    I doubt that I'll ever see 4G unlimited where I live, just barely get 3G (5 gb/mos.).
    But even the slow 3G beats the rotten (20K on the best days) dialup connection, which is all that WAS available out here in the desert.
    Haven't decided if it's worth the $$ yet, or not.

  • nayteez Says:

    I'm sorry, but I thought I had an "UNLIMITED DATA PLAN"????? Don't try to feed us B.S. that we have to have premium data service because you assume we'll be using more data because our phones are top of the line. WE ALREADY HAVE AN UNLIMITED DATA PLAN!!!! Isn't that why it's called UNLIMITED, is so we have the ability to USE THE SHIT out of it???? And don't even try to say that we HAVE to have it because it includes 4G service. You have 4G coverage in about 5% of the US !!!
    The REAL reason you are charging that $10 a month is to stick it in your pockets and make more money. You aren't even expanding 4G coverage to all those wonderful customer who you've been robbing blind!
    It's highway ROBBERY and you KNOW it should be illegal!

  • AaronA Says:

    We have been loyal sprint customers for years now. We have had the unlimited-everything plan for 129.99/mo for 2 years. We both just upgraded our phones and were never notified of this extra $10.00 charge (Which is $20.00 since we have 2 lines). After speaking to 2 or 3 representatives who had no clue what they were talking about since they said it was because we now had 4G phones (Which we actually DO-NOT further proving my point about their cluelessness) The real reason sprint is doing this is that they have so many customers that have signed up for their unlimited plans, it is not as profitable as the corporation would like. So they are pushing this off onto the consumers with their ridiculous $10/line charge. I am looking in to see if this violates out current contract since we were never given any notification even when we purchased the new phones. We also never signed a new contract. In the end, our bill that was $136.XX/mo after all was said and done is $170.XX Our time with sprint may come to s quick end.

  • Shoddy Says:

    My friend is giving me his HTC evo 4g. However, I do not have the data plan and My parents will not allow me to get it. They hate the internet, too much drama on the web. I already use it alot and they dont want it on my phone. Will I be able to still transfer my number over to this HTC evo 4g phone that my friend is letting me have? If so will we still be charged an extra $10 a month?

  • Brian Says:

    Someone is missing something here. With Sprint you have to pay a $10.00 premium charge for EVERY Phone they offer that is a PDA/SMARTPHONE, which means every decent phone they offer. Also you DO have to pay another $10.00 if it is a 4G phone. It doesn't matter what plan you are on. So if you upgrade to or purchase a PDA/SMARTPHONE ( all Blackberries, Windows, and Androids, etc.) you will be paying at least an extra $10.00 per phone and another $10.00 if it is 4G even if you can't use the 4G !!! IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS TALK AND TEXT THEN DON'T GET A SMARTPHONE.. :-)
    Sprint's DATA Plans do NOT explain this until you get to picking the phone part. You have to be careful and read everything then you will see that you get charged an extra 10.00 per PDA/SMARTPHONE REGARDLESS of the plan you select. AT this point you can get a better plan via T-Mobile believe it or not. I have 4 phones on my account and when I recently upgraded a phone to a smartphone my monthly bill went from 185.00 to 211.00. and the only thing new is the $10.00 fee for the smartphone data access !! Everything else is "Taxes and Fees". SO be forwarned. I will not be upgrading my current smartphones that I acquired under the old plans for this very reason and I will be switching to T-Mobile. My daughters upgrade did not cost me the 10.00 monthly fee because it is not considered a Smartphone (Rumour Touch)..but think about it, the only NON PDA/Smartphones they offer are generally crap. I don't like the fee, but they did explain it to me when I upgraded and it is on their website, so I agreed to it because what choice did I have ? Either accept the fee or they wouldn't upgrade the phone for my son. The DATA fees aren't hidden, but the TAXES and other FEES I just don't get. and it's one of the reasons I don't get a 4G phone because I don't want to pay for 4G that I can't get, but paying an extra 10 bucks month plus taxes and fees for just an average Android phone is what gets me.
    The real complaint I have is that the fees aren't clearly explained up front---especially in the Plan details. The plans do not mention premium data fees for all PDA/SMARTPHONES. People can be so excited about the plans which initially are very good plans that they don't even read the fine print once they get to the phone part, because most people aren't looking at the lower end phones

  • James Says:

    What bugs me about these extra data plans for specific types of phones is, I'm already paying for the damned phone. If you're concerned about me using more data, put a tier for usage, not because I want a phone with a nice big screen. I rarely use the data plan. I email and I use google maps when I'm out and want to find a place to go. But because I want the phone, you force me to take a data plan. And every ***** cell phone carrier out there has this policy. You want to pay for an expensive phone? You have to keep paying for an expensive phone. They've been loosing out on my business because of this for years, and, as long as this policy stays, they'll continue to lose out on my business. I'm almost ready just to go back to a home phone and use an atlas when I'm out.

  • Tom Says:

    Here I was just on my way to order one when I got that popup warning me of the $10 premium data charge. What was I thinking, spending nearly $400 on a phone that's been out for that long??!
    So here I am paying $130 per month for the Everything Family Data for two phones, kicking myself for paying for worthless service I don't bother trying to use on my current phone. The answer isn't an upgrade in the phone, it's a downgrade in the monthly plan! That's right, I'll be dropping it in the morning. Thanks for showing me the light, Sprint!

  • S. Torres Says:

    I'VE SEEN the different ways people think about this HTC EVO 10.00 dlls. a month EXTRA for "premium data package" I cannot use because there is no 4G coverage where I live, and SPRINT CANNOT DELIVER. (breech of contract).
    For all who agree with paying the extra money U bozos have to understand it is not just about the money, is about our consumer rights, and letting this big companies whoever they are, fleece us of our money. they always find different ways to do it and some stupid (sorry) caracters have to agree with them. So if u want to give them ur money go ahead, just dont get in our way to suit them. To Michael who is an attorney I want to talk to u and maybe unify in this matter

  • jane1257 Says:

    And just when I started bragging about the simplicity of Sprint, I get charged the $10 add on. What is most disappointing, is sprint's failure to disclose this additional fee when I signed on. Nope, absolutely no mention of it. They are no better than ATT or Alltel (remember them?) and I went all the way to the FCC with both, and won both. It's a real pain in the butt & i'm sick of having to spend my time babysitting the suits who think we're stupid.

  • EVO owner Says:

    The EVO is completely worth every cent. It is the most amazing piece of technology I have ever owned. What many people don't understand is this phone can be used as a wi-fi hotspot and a USB modem (allowing you to connect up to 8 devices) Which is why you need a larger data plan. I live in the middle of nowhere, and previously owned a verizon USB card, and the speed sucked. On my pc the EVO's Internet is at least 2x faster. I can actually stream video now without buffering every 5 seconds. Speed on the iPod using the EVO's hotspot is great too. In my opinion it is worth it. It does everything you would expect and more.
    I pay just over $100 for unlimited data and text, it's worth it because it got rid of my $70 verizon wireless bill (and I had a 5GB limit on VZ and it sucked when you went over!!). My wife owns a blackberry torch and the EVO has 2x the features, and here at&t data speeds can't match my EVO (she is jealous)...
    All of your data use across all of your devices (pc, laptop, iPod, iPad, etc, etc,) is the reason you need the unlimited data.

  • frank Says:

    ok so here is what i dont get not that i have sprint nor will i ever i have a iphone4
    69 bux for unlimited min text and data right? UNLIMITED? RIGHT atleast up to 3 gigs a month if they do have a data cap? why the extra 10 bux ? they say because we will be doing more heavy data transfers? who the hell uses more then 2 or even 3 gigs a month data transfer on a phone not many at all if any im on my iphone which i eat up about 400 megs a month and that is with watchin a few movies over 3g and youtube web pages and some mail. the other half im at home on my wifi.. so sprint knows all people will most likely be connecting to there wifi atleast half the time so why add 10 bux more to a already unlimited plan? hows that for fuccced up huh!
    and ya know what thats all BS just cause the screen is bigger dont mean ur gonna be going crazy most people have jobs atleast the people who buy these phones we dont sit for 8 hours a day and use heavy data and if we do it damn sure wouldnt be more data on a 4.5 screen then it would a 3.5 stupid sprint nickel and dimes you.
    and if u are late 2 days they shut ur phone off sprint sux

  • Reese Says:

    Now I'm honored & glad to say that "ITS NOT JUST ME" I have enough of this from the $10 additional fee to customer service representatives hanging up the phone on me when I request to speak with a supervisor. I am by far "pass my limit" to dealing with sprint you wanna know what I did


    & YES they the people from there Legal Dept. called me yesterday & was talking to me trying there best to get there answers out of me. I told her "the legal representative" I "DID NOT" agree to these charges such as the Sprint Spending Limit Charges & the Sprint Surcharge. She said to me "if you look on your contract you sign you did agree to it & the terms & condition is on the sprint website" I told her "IF I DID AGREE TO THESE "HIDDEN" CHARGES SHOW ME MY SIGNATURE ON MY CONTRACT THAT I AGREE TO THESE HIDDEN FEES UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE I READ ALL OF THE AGREEMENTS BEFORE I SIGN THEM SO SEND ME A COPY OF MY CONTRACT THROUGH MAIL & SHOW ME THAT I WAS AWARE/ ACKNOWLEDGE ABOUT SPRINT SURCHARGE, SPRINT SPENDING LIMIT CHARGES" Man ah man she made my day because there was "NO POINT IN TIME THROUGHOUT OUR CONVERSATION DID SHE SAID" ILL MAIL YOU A COPY OF YOUR CONTRACT THAT YOU SIGN" & LIKE I TOLD HER WHAT I REQUEST FOR DEMANDS FROM THIS JUDGEMENT IS "REMOVE THE $10 A MONTH PREMIUM DATA PLAN FOR ALL OF US 4G USERS" I can even put aside the hidden fees thats NOT acknowledge in my contract "BUT" I WILL NOT DROP THE CASE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES HANGING UP THE PHONE "INCLUDING A SUPERVISOR HANGING UP THE PHONE THIS PAST SATURDAY" I PAY ROUGHLY $200 A MONTH ON MY BILL & I DONT "BY FAR" EXPECT FOR ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE REP TO HANG UP THE PHONE ON ME AS IF I WAS GETTING FREE SERVICE ALSO 4G IS "NOT" EVERYWHERE SO WHY ARE US 4G CUSTOMERS SERIOUSLY GETTING CHARGE FOR SERVICES THAT WE ARE "NOT" ENTITLED TO "WHICH IS THE PREMIUM DATA $10" she told me "well If you think about it if we did not attach the $10 fee with it all of our 4G customers would be paying roughly $1,000 A MONTH because of the rich data. "oh yeah I didnt argue that Im saving that for 12/21/2010 my court date against sprint I told her "US 4G CUSTOMERS PAY TOP DOLLARS FOR THESE HIGH PRICE PHONES. THATS LIKE YOU TRYING TO FORCE US TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT WE DONT EVEN WANT. I told her "Thats like "for example" as if I had a LG Remarq phone & I have the Sprint unlimited text & just calling but dont have a plan for data & I dont want it but I want a phone like the HTC EVO or the Samsung Epic 4G "WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO BE FORCE TO PAY FOR DATA FOR THIS PHONE IF I ONLY WANTED THE UNLIMITED TEXT & TALK FOR THIS PHONE. "She actually agree with me that I am right. I have strong points as well as they legal team have strong points & I should be getting a call from them again this thursday or friday. "IF" any other "4G phone owner" wants to voice there problems on this case & try to make it show in this case & they are NOT scared to voice there against sprint attorneys & that there is "NO NEED FOR $10 MANDOTARY FEE WHILE WE PAYING TOP DOLLARS & NOT GETTING THE 4G SERVICE OR WE SHOULDNT BE FORCE TO PAY FOR IT. HIT ME THE HELL UP my email is reeseybaby@gmail.com or catch me on the yahoo messenger at lilreesemo153 "ONLY 4G PHONE OWNERS HTC EVO, SAMSUNG EPIC 4G" ON 12/21/2010 I "WILL" try my best & give it my all to represent "ALL" of us 4G users. I am not a attorney at all neither am I'm planning to be one. But I smell pollution in the air with this $10 fee & i agree with a LOT of other post if this $10 fee cover for the hotspot then I think it would be perfect but sprint trying to nickel & dime us 4G users.

  • Dano Says:

    it's not the $10 it's being stuck with it after the fact, total scam!!
    If u call Sprint ask for Employer discounts or if you bank at a CU there's a discount that can offset the $10 data surcharge, my company has 15% discount..

  • mauro Says:

    bien me dijo un amigo que son bien ladrones , estoy que echo humo no por los 10$ sino porque no dicen nada del racargo .ladrooooooooooooones.

  • shawn berry Says:

    Let me know when the class action gets filed and I will add my name. What they are doing is just wrong...plain and simple.

  • peoppjones Says:

    And if the reason Sprint is charging the fees is to make up for selling the phones at $199 and $249 I think they'd be better off charging $300-$400 to purchase the phones and drop the fees. I'd be willing to go along with that much sooner than I would agreeing to paying at least $240 more for the life of the contract for service that should already be included.

  • peoppjones Says:

    I was considering buying an EVO or Epic but after finding out about all the fees included in owning one decided against it.

    10 for Premium Data Connection and 30 for Mobile Hotspot, just not in my price range. I'll stay with Verizon and either wait until Sprint decides to drop the add-ons or just keep going month to month with Verizon. I don't want to pay $80 a month ($960 a year) for a cell phone, even more if I added the hotspot. It just isn't going to work for me.

  • Scott Johnson Says:

    I would get a Sprint 4G phone if it didn't have the $10 surcharge.

  • shores Says:

    was almost ready to switch from att to sprint so I could get the epic. but then i found out that I was going to be charged the extra 10 bucks and that was a no go for me... I am no where near a 4g market and won't be for years. I work from home and my phone that i use now is 90% on my wifi. so i will just stay with something i know that works for sure.

  • Cj Says:

    To the person who says that BB gets charged the same $10 fee....YOU ARE WRONG! I had the BB Curve 8330 before my EVO and NEVER had the extra $10 fee.... I use my EVO just as much or less then I did my BB so Im still trying to see how this fee comes into play....all I know is sprint has two choices when new and better phones come out....Raise the price of their plans by $10 or refund/credit everyone who brought a 4G phone at launch because they dropped the $10 fee because every phone on the market is 4G or 5G now.

  • Pat Says:

    This is directly from the Sprint website (450 minute everything data plan details):

    This plan includes

    * Any Mobile, Anytime: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time.
    * Unlimited data on our network: Web surfing, email, BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS), GPS Navigation, Sprint TV and Radio, NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
    * Unlimited messaging: Text, pictures and video
    * Talk: Night calling and weekends starting at 7 p.m., nationwide long distance and no roaming charges

    UNLIMITED DATA IS INCLUDED,PERIOD. WHETHER IT'S PREMIUM, SUB-PREMIUM OR ANY OTHER MARKETING TERM USED. If the phone is that great charge more for it. It's either false or unethical advertising. An earlier poster said he was an attorney. If so, why not file a class action suit v Sprint?

  • Terry Says:

    This subject has been beaten to death, but in the end, either pay it or don't. Crying about it is symptomatic of having your priorities all out of whack. And BTW, I don't pay $10 a month extra for my BlackBerry @ Sprint. Not sure where you got that (to the poster above).

  • Cram72 Says:

    I have been with Sprint since the beginning and I have always talked great things about them, but now...

    I had my heart set on buying the Samsung Epic, but after reading about the extra costs for using the phone and another for the "hot spot" I changed my mind. Its a shame that Sprint is using these tactics. I was at a Sprint store last month and I inquired about the 4G phones. Thankfully I knew a little more about the 4G service then the associate did. He tried to convince me how awesome 4G is, but better yet, that it was already in my area (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) After another associate heard me contesting that he was wrong she stepped in and said that they were in the process of adding it but did not know when it would be launched. Thanks! "in the process?"That means exactly what? She couldn't give me a date. Matter of fact no one in the store had the answer. So when I asked why it would be smart for me to pay $10 extra a month for a service that I wouldn't get, they all looked like deer caught in the headlights. By this point the manager came out and told me what she had bee trained to say about the phones features. She gave me the low down that since it has a bigger screen and proccessor I would use it more. HUH! I then asked her "is the $10 fee to lease this phone" She said, "no its for the extra data you'll be using" I replied, "but I already have an unlimited data plan". She said "but you'll be using more". "more than unlimited" I replied. We went back and forth on this topic and got quite the attention of the other customers there. In the end I left with my old Instinct, but I praised her for her efforts and told her that something sounds dirty about this fee.

    My opinion is $10/month charge is not that much for 4G, and like many have said its not so much the money as it is the principal. If they went about it differently they woudn't be upsetting so many current customers and I would have bought the Epic. But they justify the $10/month because the phone has a bigger screen and faster processor ... now that is really silly. That would be like having to pay a surcharge at the gas station if you drive a sports car. "...since you drive a fast car, you'll need to pay more because you'll comsume gas faster" Come on Sprint ...get real.

  • Brandon Says:

    This also goes for the Samsung Epic 4G.

    I just got my bill and was surprised to see an extra 10 dollar fee for "Premium Data" when I'm already paying for the "Everything Data" plan that was supposed to have "UNLIMITED DATA" included...

    Now, I might not have been so mad if the sales person at the sprint store had told me this when I was buying the phone. Instead when I asked how much my bill would be after the insurance he said "$69.99 + $7 (insurance) + tax. So your bill should be right around 80". Its more like $96 when it's all said and done. Now I knew a 69.99 plan would be closer to 80 when I signed up, but it's damn near 100. That's more than a day's worth of work for me (and I work 12 hour shifts!).

    So to say the least, I was mislead about my bill and am pretty mad about it. To the people that say "it's only 10 more", that may be the case, but when you make as little as I do, it all adds up. You'd be upset if you we're quoted one amount, then told you had to pay a higher amount for something THAT DOESN'T EVEN WORK in your area. Non-negotiable.

    I called sprint customer service, spoke to one lady I could barely understand, who was all stuttery and nervous sounding, and obviously had no clue. So I asked for her boss. Same accent comes on the line saying basically I'm screwed. There's no way for them to take that charge off unless I get a different phone. Apparently the whole internet shuts down and goes "OH NOES" because I'm on an Epic 4g. Apparently it costs them more money to send data to different models of phones... lol.

    Moral of the story: there's Sprint sales agents out there lying through their teeth about what your bill will be (my guess is they work on commission, durrr).

    Anyways, if someone wants to start a class-action lawsuit (no way what they're doing with this is 100% legal), sign me up, I'll testify that I was lied to about my contract and I'm certain I'm not the only one.

  • scott Says:

    my only question is what happens when nearly all phones are 4g? what about 5g? will the $10 eventually go away? will it become more expensive? i think people have reason to be upset. if sprint is worried about people using 'too much' data then they should charge based on the amount of data downloaded / uploaded. their unlimited data should be exactly that, unlimited...not unlimited + $10 'seriously' unlimited. that way, people that USE the data PAY for the data and people that DON'T USE the data DON'T PAY for the data. someone with a non-evo or non-epic (non-4g) phone could easily use more data than someone with a evo or epic (4g) phone. sprint needs to go back to what makes sense before they piss off their customer base.

  • sam Says:

    the first time i called to complain, they told me that the reason i pay $10 more was because i have a 8mp camera and because i can talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time (which isnt true and i payed 200 for the phone, camera included). the second time i called, they said it was because my phone can take in more bandwith and the internet will be faster because of this on 3g. the next time i called (because my friend said that some of his students got the fee waived) the first guy told me it was because i can use it as a mobil wifi hotspot for other devices (which i have to pay $30 MORE to use) and because i can video chat on 3g (which is crap). eventually the last guy i spoke to in upper management told me that its because i have a higher processor. but just as i have two laptops with different processors, i only have one internet speed coming in and theres no reason i should have to pay more to the cable company. they said they would call me tomorrow because they couldnt settle anything today, and i will call them everyday, and everyday i will get a new reason for why im paying $10 more a month.

  • Jay Brown Says:

    Just bought one love the phone and sprint services is good in the area however no 4g. I personally believe every thing should mean every thing, not every thing + 10$... that kind of stuff is why I cant stand AT&T, sprint does have the best priceing but its should not advertise every thing if in fact its not every thing. Also I feel the extra 10$ a month is going to pay for the 4g equipment (towers) so there never footing the bill we the customer are paying for it, this just how business roles, so in two years when this contract is up and I have payed 240$ maybe just maybe the next phone I get will be able to get on the currentley non existent 4g network.

  • Anonymous Says:

    If you are a Blackberry user, you have been paying this same $10 fee for your Blackberry data plan! This is NO DIFFERENT! Has nothing to do with 4G access or not. The $10 is for the premium data plan, and is NOT SPECIFIC to dual-mode (3G/4G devices). Doesnt matter whether you live in a 4G market or not. Again, Sprint Blackberry plans carry this additional $10 per month for as long as I can remember, and that device only has 3G access. So how can folks keep saying this is some 4G access fee? IT'S NOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ask any Sprint customer with a Blackberry unit if they are paying this $10 fee for their data plan, they will advise you YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless they have some unlimited plan where this fee is already included. And the fee is not only going to apply to Blackberry or 4G devices..it will now be required on several other models that use more data. No matter how you do the math, Sprint is still cheaper! There are just some people who do not want to accept the truth, and want to hide behind this '4G' nonsense. It can't be some new '4G' fee if its been applied on Blackberry plans for years now. DUH!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line, some devices require a different data experience, and that is costly to any company! Sprints updated plans NOW include ANY MOBILE, ANYTIME!!! So you might be paying $10 extra dollars, but now you can call ANY MOBILE, ANYTIME and not just mobile-to-mobile. This fee is pennies compared to what you are getting in return! If you don't like it, simply don't purchase the phone. Or any other phone that has this fee required. You can continue on with what is comfortable for you! There is no other way to say it, either you pay the fee for the 'Premium Data plan' or you don't buy a device where this data fee is required But whatever folks decide, PLEASE STOP saying this is a 4G fee. Just because you didn't know about this fee until the hype of the 4G devices came out, don't try to make this about 4G services! To those of us who have been paying that fee for a while now on our Blackberry devices, it is nothing new!!! And more than worth it....

  • The INternet Dude Says:

    Last comment was August 6th, Just over a week ago?

    I have not heard any official word from Sprint as to whether or not they have made changes to the $10+$30 for those who have the simply everything plans that are $69 and $99. I got the Unlimited plan for $99 because I averaged 400 minutes per month and wanted a worry free way of being able to use my phone without restrictions and fear of being charged for overages.

    I have looked at my data history for my blackberry, the highest I have ever used is maybe 40MB, I don't use the internet on my phone every day, I use it to check my facebook, twitter, surf the web when I need information (if that!) install apps/upgrades. If facebook for my blackberry would actually WORK... I'd be using more data, and with my recent addition of timr for BB it uses data frequently so I am curious as to HOW I could possibly use more data with the EVO than I already am?

    Does Android ping/check the internet every second while your phone is on? I'd like to REALLY know why there is more data use, does the browser use more data? If its the 8MP camera that they think will use up more data because the photos will have a large file size footprint, well I sure hope that there are OPTIONS to downsize these photos before sending them off???? I know that the Facebook app will do that on the fly as Facebook has restrictions on what size they can be anyway.

    There are people here who keep saying that you can surf web & talk on the phone at the same time? How so? Wifi? I just saw some blurb about it on some AT&T phone that it can be done on 3g, I have a blackberry Curve 8330 that can't even do that! It appears it is now possible to do it on 3g with certain phones on AT&T. So unless someone from sprint & AT&T clear this up this is a joke.

    How about the hotspot? If you can surf & talk at the same time, you surely should be able to hotspot at the same time too! If not, then whats the point??? I'd gladly drop my aircard data plan for this option! If I buy this phone outside of my existing contract, then I shouldn't have to pay this fee; let alone even IN contract.

    I haven't made up my mind which phone I want yet, EVO or Epic (even the Epic uses 4G, I am not hearing about the $10 fee for this phone???)

  • Tony Says:

    This is just another case of "we are charging it because we can" You will either pay it or not. at the end of the day The only way to get their attention is to hit them in the pocket. Say to hell with the evo and use the moment or touch pro which give you 99% of the same features. If you don't buy it then you don't have to pay it!

  • Ken Says:

    What if all your utilities, network providers or companies that you do business with tacked on additional $10.00. That is what this is about. When they all see one company getting away with it. We will see those charges pop up everywhere!

  • Saboth Says:

    That's like buying a gaming computer for 5k, then charging you extra because you bought a faster computer than your mom. If you are limited to 3G, you really aren't going to be using any more bandwidth than someone with a Hero or something that is also limited to 3G. The $10 fee is a bogus charge. What's next? "We've decided the Evo X Extreme is now an awesome phone, and we say the "awesome" fee is...hmmm $29.99 on top of your contract you signed."

    Sprint customers (I've been one for about 8 years now)have put up with a lot of shit. We've always had the worst phones, bar none. FINALLY after years of waiting we get a contender, and we are charged extra fees, despite sticking with the company all this time?

  • jon f Says:

    ok agreed i am paying for the device itself, but MR. Mark Spoonauer i have to ask how come you didnt ask him why the same
    2 exact customers get 2 different services for the exact amount ? i would've surely thought you guys at laptopmag would have caught that .......maaan i guess its fend for yourself now days !!!! people we need to stand up on this issue we're giving them the money, theres no reason one customer should get anything different than the other for the same price its b.s. they get the 4g which helps with thier $10. we on the other hand don't but we're not credited jack !!!!!

  • Christopher A Says:

    It isn't the $10, its the principle of no integrity. Yes. I admit Sprint is cheaper than the other top phone companies, but loyal customer are upset, and Sprint executives can't figure out what is the big deal. It is only $10 Right? They miss the fact it is the principle. A company tells its customer they will pay $70 a month then tacks $6-8 worth of fees on top. Sure, some of it is government (sad, more taxes), but the customer is smart enough to know some of it is a lie for extra money, but most of us have learned to put up with a little deceit since all phone companies do it. For those of us with discounts, we are told we get a 10% discount, but somehow that doesn't apply to the fee. If you picked up a widget off a store shelf, took it to the cash register, and the casheir tells you at the last second that there will be a light fee since the lights were on in the store, a shipping fee, since someone had to get it there, a processing fee, since she had to check you out, and a premium usage fee because they know you will use it more than your old widget, what would most customers do? They would go to the competition, maybe even pay more, but knowing they will only pay the price listed on the shelf plus tax. Sadly, does such a phone company exist?

    If Sprint fears that people will saturate its data delivering ability, thus requiring more expense to upgrading equipment and add more towers, then fine, create separate 4G plans, or have the phone with 3G on and 4G off. Offer the customer 4G for and extra $10, or even $15, and the customers would be happier, because you showed them respect instead of trying to deceive them. Yes, some will unlock there phone and turn on 4G, but most wont. How many customers who live in a 3G only area would buy 4G service if offer? Probably most, if you told them the upgrade was coming, and if they visited a 4G area, they could use it. Sound foolish? It is human nature, to want the opportunity to have premium even if you never get to use it. If you don't believe me, ask yourself what percentage of people have gym membership, but never go? How many upgrade their value meal but throw away half the frys and drink? Sprint, please! Charge whatever price you feel will cover costs and gain profits, but don't disrespect your customer by advertising one price, but charging another.

    I want to leave my current carrier because of immoral practices, but what do I accomplish if I move to another with a similar mindset? It is not just about the money, I want integrity.

  • Kurt Stoffer Says:

    I am most disgusted with Sprint right now. I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 5 years, with multiple lines.
    Now I see the are adding these sneaky "Sprint Surcharges" to the tune of about $8 per month. I do not agree with any of these charges. These charges should be already included in the $99 plan I'm already paying. When I called asking about these, the Sprint operators are unwilling to explain or make me happy. Sprint still has the worst customer service in the history of customer service. I thought Dan Hesse was supposed to change all that... Keep working on it Dan, you have a LONG WAY TO GO!

    Furthermore, I also don't agree with the $10 Evo charge. There is not much difference between the Evo and the Touch Pro II or the Hero. I do NOT live in a 4G area. Why am I being charged a $10 premium, when I am NOT getting any premium service ? If I actually got a 4G signal, OK, I would have no problem with this, but I don't.
    That $10 should already be included in my $99 everything plan.

    Michael, please let me help spear-head your class action lawsuit. Tell me where/how to contact you.
    Thank You.

  • Steve Dove Says:

    Just because a phone is "cool" you can only use so much bandwidth. I compare this to my internet provider finding out that I just bought the "coolest" computer that works at light speed with a super processor and then telling me I will use it more so we are upping your bill. Speeds up to 10 times faster, I would agree use more bandwidth. The 3g network will download at the same speed to 1ghz processor or 500mhz processor. This is out and out fraud and I think a major problem for Sprint. No where was it mentioned before the phone was launched that a "premium data"plan was required. I only found out when I went to purchase the phone after waiting for months to upgrade.

  • Angry with sprint to Says:

    Sorry about the spelling im on my cell.....

  • Angry with sprint to Says:

    i could care less about ten dollars its the principle, this is totally a way to nickel and dime intrigued evo buyers, Sprint knows that this is a must have phone. the htc evo attracts a huge buyers market; Android lovers, smartphone lovers,sprint customers,htc lovers, impulse buyers, tech junkies,etc....... i work for vzw and i know all about the BS it happens all the time verizon wireless is notorios for nickel and diming they are the biggest piece out of all carriers any ways , all cellphone companies are trying to find any way possible to make a dime off you and me, they want you to go over on your min and data usage and text they see dollar signs when you go ove, even if they credit you you might only get 75 percent credited back and the remaining is a nice little profit you have to pay, oh yeah verizon wireless only is suppost to credit 50 percent of ovgs idk about att or sprint, and sprint since its really hard to do that with there "everything data plans" they are trying to make an extra dollar off this new phone becasue they know its a must have imagine 2miilion evo owners x $10.00(premium data plans) x 12months= $240,000,000.00, thats alot chedar.I dont even live in a 4g area and thats what its for but they disguise it in a pretty bow and say your goign to use data because of the big screen. I hope this blows up in there faces, trust me nothing pisses off a customer more then a required data plan especially if your plan already has a data plan. i was very excited to get this phone but now idk maybe the new iphone has caught my eye but its a little to expensive. overall im disapointed with this new plan i did not expect this from Sprint :(

  • Wayne Says:

    I like many others have not bought this phone because of the $10. Its not the money as much as the principle. Already they added a $4.99 charge to my account (AKA spending limit program charge) couple months after I signed up with them and if they have direct access to my bank account that would be waived, not good, I've played that game b4 with . This seems to be about the same deal.. Sprint is not able to tell me why the charge other than the phone can do this or that. well.... then charge more for the phone, not the service. Im on the unlimited 450 data, but apparently its not unlimited?? They don't know, I spent about an hour on the phone with them tuesday trying to get the fee waived since I am not, nor would be in a 4g area for the life of this phone... It got me nowhere, but I Promised not to buy this phone unless the fee was gone. so, I will piss and moan about this deal until its waived or removed all together because its not right. I feel that if the phone is as great as it seems, I would pay the extra 240 for the phone but to say my data is going to be better quality than the data I am using right now is absurd.

  • Angry With Spint Says:

    It is the simple fact that at the last minute they want to add an extra 10 dollars a month. I was so excited about the Evo coming out and hearing great things about the 69.99 plan. I was going to brag about how good it would be to have the EVO and pay about 80 a month with taxes. Now they want more.... I don't think so. I will stay with AT&T.

  • Tomas Says:

    I don't understand these people willing to switch to VZ (expensive) or AT&T (expensive and spotty coverage and even less of a 3G footprint) over $10 a month. No one is forcing them to buy this phone.
    Yes the $29 for a hotspot is expensive and you know what? You don't have to use it you can just plug the power cord into a USB port and use the high speed connection that way.
    $10? They tell you about that at the time of purchase of the phone. If you could not afford $10 a month then you should stay with whatever rinky-dink phone you are already using and stop complaining. I can understand them stating I am going to use the internet more than I did on my Palm Pre because you know what? I am using the internet even more than I did on my Palm Pre. Even in a 3G area the browsing is faster, I have more apps and everything just works faster. The $10 charge is the premium paid as Sprint’s answer to a tiered plan. True, its a very back-door way of creating a tiered plan but its still a lot cheaper than anyone else’s plan. I for one use data and texting far more than I do phone calling so I am all about the data.

    This phone is still the best phone I have ever used (I upgraded because I lost my old phone) but I'm not going back to using anything else because of $10. I can do things on this phone that people dream of doing on their old iphones and the new iphones are going to cost more than this phone (both the phone and the plan) so I say let them jump on that bandwagon. I have something here far bigger, better and I like it a lot more.

  • Jack Says:

    I'm comparing US Cellular (which is really good in my area) and Sprint. Although US Cellular does not have the Desire out yet, I know they will charge for premium data because they already do for a few of their others. They charge $19.95 per phone. USC customers feel the same way cause they already pay $49.95 that USC says is for all data. So here's what I end up comparing.

    $129.95 1500 Family Data Plan Sprint [VS] $89.99 1400 Family Plan + $49.95 Unlimited Data USC ($139.94)
    3rd phone - $19.99 VS $10
    $10 x 3 Premium Data VS $19.95 x3 Premium Data
    $7 x3 Insurance VS $5.95 x3 Insurance

    Conclusion..... Sprint = $200.98 US Cellular = $227.64

    Most of all.... HTC Evo here, HTC Desire not.

  • Alex Z Says:

    I would be interested on getting in on a class action. I had the Unlimited Data plan on my previous phone, the HTC Hero and purchased an EVO from an external party. So my contract with Sprint had not changed, nor my planned usage of their system, but they demand another $10 assuming that I will be using more bandwidth. (Actually the rep on the phone tried to say that it was because the phone has a bigger screen and faster processor; nothing to do with bandwith usage.)

    find me here minus the spaces.
    a z v e n i g o AT g m a i l

  • Eric T. Says:

    This $10 fee is an affront to Sprint users. It is ridiculous to think I have to pay $120/year, forever, just because this phone is faster. Within 6 to 8 weeks, HTC is releasing similar, and faster, versions of this phone to other carriers. So, the EVO will no longer be faster and "richer", yet that $10 fee remains forever. You will repay your "loyalty" discount over the two years of the contract, and then you will continue to pay an extra $10 as long as you own this phone.
    It makes no difference how much data you use now or then. This $10 is a premium for the phone itself... hardware. Sprint says as much. So, don't try to sell me on this $120/year fee to use a phone that won't be "special" in another month's time. It would be fine if it were a limited fee, or if it was to pay for 4G, or anything specific but Sprint just sells it as a nebulous "richer experience" fee. Common Sprint!! Retract this nonsense fee and you'll get plenty of takers!

  • Michelle Says:

    This $10 surcharge is unnecessary. The Sprint reps continue to lie about why exactly they're charging the $10. Michael, please reply to this blog! I would really like to know what you can or are doing about this bogus surcharge. T-Mobile's HTC HD2, is nearly the same as the EVO, however, T-Mobile isn't charging a $10 per month charge. BULL! Sprint really needs to fix this issue! So many of their customers are complaining! Do something or lose your customers.

  • Jaypoc Says:

    I call Bravo Sierra on sprints response. I have had 3 "smartphones". The HTC Apache, The HTC Mogul and the HTC Touch Pro... I use a LOT of data (Streaming video via YouTube and my Sling Box, Voicemail via Google Voice, Web Surfing via Skyfire, IE and Opera which I use daily). and I even tether my phone via PDANet. So I'm using the service on a 3+ Ghz processor with a 15" UXGA screen and 4GB Ram. And i'm doing it all with a $49.99 plan. What more usage could I possibly use with the EVO until 4G is available in my area. I don't use ANY sprint-offered programs, and typically have wiped the ROMs from all my sprint phones and used only manufacturer supplied and third party applications. When sprint can justify me spending $20 more for a data plan AND $10 luxury tax then i'll decide to switch to a provider that charges more, but is honest and does not play these games. Both T-Mobile and Verizon can match sprint's offering, but neither of them make up bogus charges that can't be explained (or that are so ridiculous that it would start an uprising)

  • jp Says:

    The $10 surcharge for the EVO is bull. Anyone who is blogging different probably works for Sprint's marketing dept.

  • Brad Says:

    Michael please contact me at bkmannion@gmail.com

  • Brad Says:

    I wish I had known about this before I bought the EVO the sprint store rep never disclosed that a premium data pack was going to be added to my plan when I upgraded to the EVO and to have to pay this charge to use this phone with no covarge for 4G and for the Privilege of owning it. I'm fuming. Michael sprint lied to you I just checked my plan and the $10.00 premium Data Pack was added to my Data Everything plan, if you do post a web site and are going to start a Class Action I will join in a New York minute.

  • Jess Says:

    Please clear this up for me, the $10 charge is for the "privilege" of using the phone? Since I already have unlimited data and call plan, why pay that extra $10 a month, because I might use 1kb or 1000mb? It should not matter how much I use, because I'm already playing for an unlimited amount. Sounds more like an excuse to make an extra $240 after the 2 year contract, which is the cost of it to begin with. Please do correct me if what I wrote is wrong.

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