Sony Shows PlayStation 3 Some Love With Watch Dogs and Gran Turismo 6

It wasn't just the PlayStation 4 that was getting all of the hype at Sony's E3 2013 press event. The company showed off a wide array of new games including "Beyond Two Souls," "Batman: Arkham Origins" and "Grand Theft Auto V." The new games prove that the system has some life left in it after nearly seven years on the market.

Sony also announce that gamers who purchase "Batman: Arkham Origins" for the PS3 will get access to exclusive downloadable content including two character skins, a 1960's era Batman from the Adam West television series and Knightfall Batman. "Grand Theft Auto V" is also getting in on the PlayStation 3 exclusivity action, with a special $299 Grand Theft Auto-themed console and GTA V-branded headset. The game is scheduled to release for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17, but PlayStation may have the upper-hand with this bundle.

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Additional titles headed to the PS3 include "Watch Dogs" and "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag," both of which will include PlayStation exclusive missions. Continuing on the theme on Sony exclusivity, the company announced that Blizzard Entertainment's "Diablo III" will be coming to the PS3 and Ps4 with exclusive Sony-themed in-game content including an itemcalled Drake's amulet, named after Nathan Drake from Sony's popular "Uncharted" series. Additional items are expected to be available at launch and Sony said it will continue to add items in the future.

Also headed to the PlayStation 3 later this year is Sony's epic racing title "Gran Turismo 6." The latest in the long-running Sony-exclusive racing series promise improved racing dynamics, a massive amount of vehicles and more.

We'll be sure to bring you hands-on coverage of each of these games live from the show floor at E3 2013.

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