Skype Integration Coming Soon to Windows Phone

During an interview at CES last week, vice-president of Microsoft's Skype division Rick Osterloh revealed that full-fledged Skype integration will be coming soon to Windows Phone. Although Microsoft  purchased Skype in October 2011 for $8.5 billion, Windows Phone remains the last mobile OS to lack a dedicated Skype client. No firm date was given for the application's release, although complete integration with Windows Phone is not expected until later in the year when Microsoft releases its "Apollo" Windows Phone OS. 

Since its acquisition by Microsoft, Skype has worked to integrate its service with a number of other Microsoft products, including Windows 8, Xbox and Lync, the company's new unified messaging client. Osterloh also announced a partnership between Skype and Facebook. According to the Skype VP, Facebook users will soon be able to make Skype calls, and the Skype client itself will offer Facebook integration, allowing customers to use Facebook Chat and Facebook Video Calling from within the client.

via The Telegraph