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Seton Hall Freshmen Get Smart With Nokia Lumia 900

First Seton Hill students get iPads, now Seton Hall students get Nokia Lumia 900s. Nokia is donating a Nokia Lumia 900 handset to each incoming freshman at the university this fall, as part of its Mobile Computing Initiative.

Each Lumia 900 will come stocked with Windows Phone 7.5 and an enhanced version of SHUmobile, so freshmeat -- ahem, freshmen -- have access to campus maps, directories and news feeds to help them easily adapt to campus life. The SHUmobile app is not unique to the smartphone, but freshmen will reap the benefits of a Freshman Experience component, where they can communicate with peers.

The freshmen will receive pre-paid AT&T service through the fall semester, equipped with 4G speeds and 24-hour access to campus-focused materials. Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft are all involved in this Initiative.

Although it remains to be seen if the Lumia 900s will provide students with as much value as iPads -- which enable the use of iBooks 2 and interactive textbooks -- it's another attempt to mix mobile with education.