Samsung's Core i3-Powered SF510 Headed to Best Buy

For the most part, we've given high marks to notebooks sold exclusively at Best Buy. The latest to join the collection is the $799 Samsung SF510, a 15.6-inch notebook announced today that packs an Intel Core i3 processor, a 500GB hard drive, purported 7-hour battery life, Intel integrated graphics, WiMax support, and Samsung's fast boot software, which doesn't actually make startup faster, but helps the notebook return from sleep and hibernation more quickly.

If that wave on the side looks familiar (check out photos of the notebook in profile), that's because the N150, the netbook also announced today, has a similar look, which, by the by, Samsung calls its Shark design. The laptop only comes in one color, though, so we hope you're happy with the idea of an ivory lid, brown interior, and chrome rim. (We would be, but that's just us.)

The SF510 will be available at Best Buy this fall (a Samsung rep told us that means late September or early October, specifically).