Samsung's Killer 'Nautilus' 2-in-1 Chromebook Leaked

Samsung is reportedly working on a new 2-in-1 Chromebook it will unveil at CES 2018, and it looks like it will pack a dramatically improved camera compared to its predecessors.

 The company's next major Chromebook release, currently codenamed Nautilus, will have a Sony IMX258 camera, Android Headlines discovered from a code commit centering on the device. The camera will be able to snap photos in RAW and will come with video-recording support. And as Android Headlines notes, it's the same camera in LG's G6 and Essential Phone in a dual-lens array. It's possible that Samsung could offer the same dual-lens setup in its own computer.

Samsung has been among the most prolific supporters of Chrome OS, and its variety of Chromebooks — including the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus — are among the most popular on the market. The company unveiled its last flagship Chromebooks at CES last January, which has caused many to believe that the device codenamed Nautilus will launch at CES 2018.

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For its part, Samsung has remained tight-lipped about its plans for the Nautilus. However, back in October, some information on the device leaked, including reports that it will launch with an Intel Kaby Lake processor. As 9to5 Google reports, it'll also likely be a detachable hybrid, allowing you to use it as both a notebook and tablet, and it will have an S Pen on board. And now we have reason to believe that the device's camera will be among the best in a Chromebook market that has largely ignored high-end cameras.

But a variety of details are still unknown, including how big of a screen the device might have, exactly which Kaby Lake processor it could offer, and what kind of battery life it might deliver.

CES kicks off on Sunday Jan. 7, so we don't have long to wait. Stay tuned for our hands-on previews of Samsung's latest devices.